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User Experience

This is a space dedicated to the library's UX project.

Usability Testing Outline


  • To identify how students are finding research materials, such as books or articles, for their assigments
  • ‚ÄčTo diagnose difficulties students have when navigating the library's website

Target Population

  • 5-10 students (students are defined as participants with an Argonet username and password)


  • Recruit students using e-mail; set up information table in library to get participants
  • After student has consented to participate, student completes tasks on the library's computer. Camtasia was used to capture the student's activity on the computer screen.
  • Participant fills out a post-task survey
  • Footage from the tasks was assessed based on a rubric designed by the researchers

Technology Used

  • Library Computer
  • Camtasia Screen Capturing Software
  • Qualtrics (to gather post-task survey results)


Please complete the following tasks on the computer in the order they appear. Once you have finished one task, simply move on to the next. You do not need to indicate you are moving on to the next task.  If you are unsure of how to complete a task, move on to the next. After you have finished going through the tasks, please ask for assistance on saving the recording and fill out a short survey.

  1. Find a scholarly article about higher education in Florida.  Save a copy of the article so you can find it later.

  2. Hypothetically, you need help citing sources using APA format.  On the library’s website, show us how you would find the information you need to correctly cite an article in APA.

  3. Pretend you have never written a literature review.  Show us how you would get information to do this on the library’s website.

  4. Find a book on water conservation.  If you are on campus, look up a physical book. If you are off campus look up an e-book.