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This guide is designed to aid students in creating works that will result in successful Turnitin results. In addition, faculty will find a number of helpful tips for managing Turnitin filters and options.

Top Student Tips for Turnitin


  • Unless your instructor indicates otherwise, only submit your FINAL DRAFT to Turnitin.  If you submit multiple copies of the same (or almost the same) paper, your Similarity Report will indicate that you have nearly 100% similarity.  This is called a FALSE POSITIVE.  You can avoid this by making sure that you only submit your work to Turnitin ONCE.
  • If you do accidentally submit something to Turnitin and change your mind, contact your instructor immediately.  They have the option to remove your paper, but it is their choice whether or not to do so. 
  • Use the Turnitin Student Guides.  They walk you through how to use different Turnitin features, such as  submitting your work, reading the Similarity Report, and viewing feedback from your instructor.  You can find the guides here
  • Make sure you cite your sources.  Not sure if you've done it right?  Try the following:
    • Schedule a Paper Reading with the UWF Writing Lab here.
    • Check out the Using Sources Ethically tutorials on the UWF Library website here
    • Schedule an appointment with your instructor during their office hours.
    • Pop by the reference desk at the library or Ask A Librarian via chat or text.  They're smarties!

Turnitin Quick Start Guide for Students

Need help with navigating Turnitin?  Turnitin has a Quick Start Guide for students - it will walk you through registration, submitting your work, and confirming your work submission.  It also explains how to view your Similarity Report and instructor feedback.  Find it at the link below:

Turnitin Student Quick Start Guide