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SPC 2608: Public Speaking

This guide will help you find, evaluate, and incorporate research into your informative and persuasive speeches.


In order to inform and persuade your audience as a public speaker, you will need to rely on sources. The library is a great place to find credible and convincing information. This guide is meant to help you achieve one of the learning goals for the course.

Students will be able to organize and synthesize information for public presentation following the study of topics such as:

  1. organizing a speech 
  2. utilizing appropriate support material 
  3. composing appropriate introductions and conclusions
  4. utilizing appropriate visual aids

This guide will also show you how to properly cite your supporting materials.

Remember that if you get stuck and need help, the UWF Libraries are here!

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Types of Sources

There are many different types of supporting material you may rely upon for speeches, as outlined by your textbook. Your instructor may have different requirements for sources, so make sure you follow those. Here are some different types of sources to think about. The ones with asterisks are the ones the library can help you with:

Types of Supporting Material

1. Personal Experience
2. Common Knowledge
3. Direct Observation
4. Examples (Case Study)*
5. Documents (books, journal and newspaper articles, websites)*
6. Statistics*
7. Testimony (factual or opinion)*