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Social Media for Job-Seekers: Tips for Job-Seekers

A short guide offering tips for job-seekers who utilize social media networks.



  • Create an online presence that is positive and professional.

  • Google your name to see what a potential employer might see.

  • Check your privacy settings to ensure that you can limit the amount of information that is searchable online.

  • Connect with other professionals via professional social media sites like Linkedn.

  • Show that you are well-rounded and have a range of interests.

  • Join your college Alumni's Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages to stay connected with other professionals in the area.

  • Network! Let friends and family know that you are on the job hunt.

  • Make sure to keep your page updated and current with the most up-to-date information about you.






  • Post anything offensive or negative that would cause an employer to question whether they should hire you.

  • Post any questionable or offensive photos anywhere online.

  • Make your online post all about you. Be selective with the updates you are posting.


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