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IDH1040: Honors Core, Humanities (Low)


Hi! I am one of the humanities librarians at UWF and am happy to help you in this class. This research guide will help you identify and locate the peer-reviewed sources you need for your final paper. Depending on your area of study, click on the pages to the left to get started.

Remember that if you get stuck and need help, the UWF Libraries are here! We can assist you with locating, integrating, andImage of St. Mark Preaching in Alexandria citing your sources.

Chat with or email me/us on the left below my picture or book an appointment with me (face-to-face or virtual).

I look forward to working with you.


Tips Before You Search

Tip #1: Search by the work's (artwork, literature, musical piece) title.

  • The work may appear in library records by its English translation or in the original language. Think about alternate versions of the title as well, e.g. Saint vs. St.
  • You may wish to place the title in quotation marks. This is an exact phrase search and should keep the terms together in most of our databases.

Tip #2: Try more than one database

  • I recommend trying a search for your work in OneSearch, a discipline-specific database (like Arts & Humanities), and finally JSTOR.  

Tip #3: If you do not see an article about your work, look at articles about the author/artist/musician + the themes/techniques you are highlighting. You may apply that in your paper.

Tip #4: You may also look for the type of work, theme/technique, and the time period, e.g. Renaissance, and apply that to your paper.