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HSC 4133: Health Aspects of Human Sexuality

What's In This Guide?

This guide is meant to help you develop skills in internet research, evaluating resources, and critically thinking about the audience and what makes a resource appropriate for that audience. 

Research Strategy

1. Identify your target audience (ex children, middle school, high school, college, parents, teachers, etc)

2. Consider the variables that would impact your audience's ability to process information and receive information.

  • Age, sex, gender, orientation, race, socioeconomic status, geographic area, where the audience currently gets their information (e.x. children rely on parents and friends, teens can use social media, some individuals don't have access to internet)

3. For children and adolescents, review parent resources or school district/state level sexual health curriculums to see what is considered appropriate topics for each age group (e.x. 5th graders will likely not be discussing consent whereas high school students will)

4. Use the Finding Information tab for a short list of resources and to get more information on Google hacks that can help navigate appropriate information for your target audience.

5. Review other resources for your audience to identify shared characteristics (e.x. do they use the same level of language? do they use the same terminology for their audience? do they use pictures to explain concepts? is the audience clearly indicated?

6. Always, EVALUATE the credibility of your sources.