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Google Guide


Google Web Search

So, How Does Google Work?

Google uses a trademarked search technology (PageRank™) algorithm which combines several elements including:

  • Popularity: the number of links to and from that same page
  • Importance: hits and online traffic and functioning of links (do the links work)
  • Proximity: where your search terms are in relation to each other and the number of times they occur in the results

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Google Alerts

Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your choice of query or topic.

Some handy uses of Google Alerts include:

  • monitoring a developing news story
  • keeping current on a competitor or industry
  • getting the latest on a celebrity or event
  • keeping tabs on your favorite sports teams

Google Alerts are emails automatically sent to you when there are new Google results for your search terms. 

To create a Google Alert, go to the Google Alerts home page:

  1. Enter your search.
  2. Select the type of results you'd like (News, Blogs, Video, Discussions, Everything).
  3. Select how often you'd like results to be checked.
  4. Select number of results to be included.
  5. Enter your email address.
  6. When done, click the 'Create Alert' button. Google will send you a confirmation email; clicking the link in this email will activate your Alert.

You can create and confirm your Alert in one visit on your "Manage Your Alerts" page. To access this page, you'll need a Google Account.  Remember - your UWF email address is a Google account.


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