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EVR 2001: Introduction to Environmental Science

What You'll Find In This Guide

Getting started with the research process can be tricky.  Luckily, the library is here to help!  This guide was created to help you learn the following things:

  • How to develop and pick out keywords, find books/articles, find scholarly articles, determine whether or not an article is scholarly. For other helpful topics, check out the library's tutorial page!
  • How to use different databases for finding different pieces of information. 
  • The fundamentals of conducting a literature review

But what about Google? Why should I use the library? By using the library, not only is the information FREE but you also know where your information is coming from. This helps you figure out if your information is trustworthy, academic, and appropriate for your research. 

Getting Started with Keywords

Using OneSearch -- The Ultimate Discovery Tool!

Finding Scholarly Articles

Picking Scholarly vs. Popular Information