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UWF Libraries Collection Development and Management Policy

University Archives and West Florida History Center



PURPOSE:  The University Archives and West Florida History Center is a regional research collection concerning the West Florida area designed to support the research needs of the University community as well as other interested researchers, scholars, and users.  The collections incorporate materials regardless of format which document the history and development of all areas of the West Florida region.  Chronologically and historically, West Florida is defined in two ways.  Prior to 1821, West Florida encompassed the region between the Mississippi River to the west and the Apalachicola River to the east, bordered by the Gulf of Mexico to the south and the treaty-defined border with the United States to the north.  This area included parts of present-day Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.  With the creation of the Florida Territory in 1821, West Florida is defined as the area between the Perdido River on the west and the Apalachicola River to the east, covering the present-day 10-county area of the Florida panhandle.


The University Archives documents the history and development of the University of West Florida from its earliest planning and inception to the present.





a)         Materials which support the purpose of University Archives and West Florida History Center and which document any aspect of  history, geography, environment, government, culture, development, or people of the West Florida region.

b)         Currency of materials as well as historically important materials retrospectively documenting a past aspect of West Florida history.

c)         Quality of materials

d)         Emphasis on primary resources, balanced by fiscal resources and preservation policies.


The University Librarian/University Archivist is responsible for collection development based on research needs as articulated by users, recommendations of scholars, and development of existing collections.


Donations are received on behalf of the University of West Florida Foundation and accompanied by a signed deed of gift or loan form which may specify transfer of copyright, title, restrictions on the collection, or other stipulations as approved by the University Archivist/University Librarian.  As necessary, the Dean of Libraries as well as other University administrators may be consulted in special circumstances.   Donations of monies to the Department shall be placed in the Arvie Malone Penton Fund in the University Foundation which is used to support the University Archives and West Florida History Center, formerly named the Special Collections Department.





a)         Manuscripts including records, papers, correspondence, publications, bulletins, and similar papers.

b)         Maps, with emphasis on southeast United States and Florida and all aspects of West Florida, including  gazetteers, atlases, blueprints, topographical, and quadrangle maps.

c)         Photographs, including originals, negatives, slides, motion picture films, as well as audio and video materials including

            all forms of digital media and objects within any collecting area.

d)         Bibliography of West Florida materials

(1)        Comprehensive collection of all published materials about West Florida, including journal articles, government documents, monographs, and similar publications.  These materials may be located in other library collections with either duplicates or  photocopies obtained for Special Collections at the Librarian's discretion.

e)         Telephone Directories and City Directories for towns and areas in West Florida region.

f)          Faculty publications

(1)        Published monographs written by University of West Florida faculty members.

g)         Newspapers published in the West Florida region.

h)         Periodicals, magazines, and newsletters, published in the West Florida region and about the West Florida  region.

(1)        These may include items printed in West Florida that are not about West Florida as well as items about West Florida that are not printed in the region.

i)          Panton, Leslie & Company Papers

(1)        Any published or unpublished materials concerning this West Florida company.

j)          Children's Books

(1)        Historically or visually interesting and representative children's books

k)         Association books; books autographed, owned, or associated with key West Florida individuals, organizations or families.


l)          Rare Books and monographs

(1)        Eudora Welty collection

(2)        Langston Hughes collection

(3)        H.L. Mencken collection

(4)        West Florida cookbooks

(5)        Published books about West Florida or by West Florida authors.

(6)        Books meeting the criteria for Rare Books such as limited editions, fine bindings, autographed by authors or illustrators, age or need for preservation or fragile handling, or other criteria as determined by the University Archivist.

m)        University of West Florida

(1)        Materials regardless of format which document the history, development, and people of the University of West Florida.

                                                                        n)         Other collection areas that may be developed through subsequent donations or collection changes after implementation of this policy, within the library, or by

                                                                                    actions of other university agencies.




rev. 08/2011 UAWFHC

rev. 01/13/12 UAWFHC w/donor contract