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Civic Literacy

Florida's Civic Literacy Requirement

Welcome! This guide provides resources and study materials for UWF's Civic Literacy competency exam. The competency exam includes 100 questions - 60 from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Naturalization Test question bank, and 40 additional questions developed by the Florida Board of Governors.

Per Section 1007.25 of the Florida Statutes, all students initially entering a State University System (SUS) and/or Florida College System (FCS) institution in 2018-2019 and thereafter must demonstrate competency in civic literacy.

  Students Included in Cohort Civic Literacy Competency Requirement
Cohort 1 Students first entering the SUS/FCS prior to fall 2018 None
Cohort 2 Students first entering the SUS/FCS in fall 2018 – summer A 2021 Complete a course or exam
Cohort 3 Students first entering the SUS or FCS in summer B 2021 and thereafter Complete both a course and exam

The Florida Board of Governors (BOG) Regulation 8.006 requires students to demonstrate competency in civic literacy prior to graduation.

(a) To satisfy Course Competency: Successfully passing either POS X041 (American Government) or AMH X020 (Introductory Survey Since 1877)

(b) To satisfy Exam Competency: Achieving the standard score on one of the following assessments:

Assessment Standard Score Meets Exam Competency
Florida Civic Literacy Exam (FLCE) 48/80 or 60%   X
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Naturalization Test: Civics (U.S. history and government) with supplemental questions 60/100 or 60%   X

(c) Successfully passing an accelerated mechanism to satisfy either the Course or Exam Competency - or Both

Assessment Standard Score Meets Course Competency Meets Exam Competency
Advanced Placement Government and Politics United States 3 X X
Advanced Placement United States History 4 X X
CLEP American Government 50 X X
Cambridge AICE History, US History, c.1789-1917 (AS-Level) A-E X
IB History: History of America 5-7 X  

*Note that Cambridge AICE History, US History, c.1789-1917 (AS-Level) and IB History: History of America do NOT meet the exam requirement.