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ANT 4532/ANG 5408: Disease and Culture


The annotated bibliography will summarize at least FIVE (15 for grads) carefully selected scholarly articles, clearly and succinctly outlining the gist of each article and highlighting key themes relevant to your project. Above all, you must make it clear that you have read and understood each article and can link them all together in some cohesive narrative.

Annotated Bibliography

An Annotated Bibliography is a list of citations to books, journal articles, and other works accompanied by descriptive and critical paragraph length summaries.

Recommended Components of an Annotation: (*Note: not all will apply)

  • brief summary
  • authority (who is responsible for the content? is he/she an expert? what are his/her credentials?)
  • relevance (how does the material relate to the topic?)
  • scope (what’s included? what’s excluded? general or specific content? scholarly or popular?)
  • audience (general? academic? particular group or organization?)
  • purpose (educate? inform? persuade? entertain? sell? what is the author trying to convey?)
  • objectivity (are there apparent biases?  facts or opinions?  balanced viewpoint?)
  • credibility (what sources does the author use? is the material well-researched? are there references or documented sources of information?)
  • timeliness (is the research current?)
  • relationship and/or comparison to other works on the topic (how does it all fit together?)

For additional help and examples, see the UWF Libraries guide for writing an Annotated Bibliography