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EDA 6503: The Principalship: References & Resources

Course Guide for EAD 6503

OneSearch (Includes articles, books, DVDs, music, etc.) (PrimoVE)

Resources and Selected Readings from your professor

Bennis, W. G., & Bennis, W. G. (2009). Understanding the Basics. In On becoming a leader (pp. 39-51). Nueva York (Estados Unidos): Perseus Books Group.

Connellan, T. K., & Connellan, T. K. (2008). Michael Eisner Sets the Record Straight. In Inside the Magic Kingdom: seven keys to Disney’s success (pp. 39-56). Austin, TX: Bard Press.

Hunter, J. C. (2012). The servant: a simple story about the true essence of leadership. New York: Crown Business. ISBN- 978-0-7615-1369-8

Maxwell, J. C., & Maxwell, J. C. (2006). The Hammer Principle. In Winning with people; discover the people principle that work for you every time (pp. 35-44). Seoul: 21 segibooks.

Leadership Standards and Development

Instructional Leadership

Additional Leadership References from your professor

The Principal: Creative Leadership for Excellence in Schools by Ubben, Hughes, & Norris, 2007, 6th Edition.

Principle-Centered Leadership by Stephen R. Covey, 1992.

The Four Dimensions of Principal Leadership by Reginald Leon Green, 2010. What Great Principals Do Differently by Todd Whitaker, 2003.

Ethical Leadership

Organizational Leadership