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Database Top Picks

Search Tip:

  • If you get too many results, add another keyword(s) to narrow your search
  • Not getting enough results? Take away a keyword(s)
  • Consider synonyms and different word combinations
  • Sort results by scholarly/academic articles on search results page

Newspapers @ the Library

Two Options for Searching Proquest News and Newspapers

Option 1: Keyword Search

  • Search for news articles based on topic keywords
  • Sort items by Relevance OR by Most Recent First

Option 2: Browse Publications

  • Select Publications (top of page)
  • Browse titles or search for a specific title (e.x. Pensacola News Journal)
  • Select the newspaper you want, then Browse Specific Issue

News on the Web

Sample: Connecting the News to Research

News Story:  Project to shore up Perdido Beaches (PNJ)

What keywords can you gather from the story? What are the big ideas behind the story?
Tip: Not sure how this relates to the bigger, academic picture?  Look at your news story and browse through your textbook for ideas on concepts covered in your news story.  

  • beach erosion
  • beach replenishment 
  • vegetation, dune stabilization, coastal erosion
  • sediment transport 

Now what?  Plug in a few keywords to OneSearch and the suggested databases. Make sure you limit your search results to scholarly, peer reviewed journal articles.