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Coastal Community Resilience & Post Storm Recovery

What Is Coastal Community Resilience?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency

Resilience is the capacity of human and natural systems to adapt to and recover from change. Communities need to conduct vulnerability assessments and planning efforts to better position their communities to recover from coastal storms and adapt to the impacts resulting from changes in our environment. The EPA Gulf of Mexico Program (GMP) partners with Gulf coast communities to develop adaptive programs and methods for communities and  ecosystems to become more resilient to coastal hazards. Understanding the risks a community faces is a first step in becoming more resilient.  

Free Resources on Building Community Resiliency

Learning from the Past


The Federal Response to Hurricane Katrina book cover



Learning from the past can help communities rebuild and move forward in the event of natural disasters. HathiTrust provides access to The Federal Response to Hurricane Katrina: Lessons Learned. Community leaders and officials can use this information as they navigate recovering initiatives in Florida

HathiTrust Digital Library provides millions of digitized titles from academic and research institutions, including UWF.  These items are available to anyone.