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Skylab MakerSpace

General Information about using the UWF Libraries Skylab MakerSpace

3D Printing Filament


Makerspace users must provide their own filament for personal projects and UWF departmental printing. Filament for UWF coursework and scientific research is currently provided free of charge by the UWF Libraries.

PLA filament is the only type of filament that is currently authorized for use in the Skylab MakerSpace by UWF’s Department of Environmental Health and Safety. PLA filament can be purchased online from a variety of sources. Smaller .5 kg spools are recommended for most projects as the filament is somewhat perishable over time.

3D printing filament needs to be stored in a sealed bag with desiccant in order to keep the filament from absorbing moisture and becoming brittle. Old or improperly stored filament will cause the 3D printer to jam and 3D prints to fail. Our humid climate here in Northwest Florida is not conducive to filament storage. Opened filament that is not protected from humidity can become unusable in a matter of weeks. The dyes used to color filament can also cause printing issues, the best filament to use is clear PLA as it has no dyes added. Completed 3D models can be painted and this is a common part of the finishing process when producing higher quality 3D models.

Donated Filament:

We do accept PLA filament donations. If available, donated filament can be used on a first come first serve basis by anyone who is authorized to use 3D printers in the MakerSpace.