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Open Educational Resources

Library Announcement: OpenStax @ Circulation Desk

UWF Libraries has obtained a physical copy of the textbooks from the OpenStax collection. This collection is most appropriate for general education courses. All textbooks are kept behind the Circulation Desk. 

Open Textbook Collections

The Open Textbook movement focuses on the creation of books that are built specifically for use as free or low-cost options for education.  Many of the collections will have links to the same books, but each repository has a particular focus, and items you can't find in other collections.

  • Open Textbook Library ( – OTL, with over 350 books, is a clearinghouse of links to books in various locations, including OpenStax, Saylor and others. Books in the OTL have been peer reviewed for quality, and the Open Textbook Library has multiple criteria for inclusion in the Library.
  • Open Oregon ( Open Oregon provides textbooks across the sciences, english, business, as well as a introduction to Excel. Books are all CCBY license and available for download in multiple formats. 
  • OpenStax ( – These books were developed following traditional textbook publishing methods, including peer review, editorial support, and creation of ancillary content. Books are available in multiple formats (PDF, print on demand, on the Web) and are licensed to be revised and remixed by faculty who want create a custom solution for a course.
  • BC Campus OpenEd ( – This site includes texts written specifically for the BC OpenTextbook initiative, as well as books from other sources.
  • Lumen Learning ( – Lumen provides open courses in a variety of high-demand subjects and disciplines. These courses are collections of high-quality OER, not necessarily as a traditional textbook.  You can use them as-is or modify them to fit your instructional style and students’ needs.
  • HathiTrust ( – HathiTrust is a partnership of academic & research institutions, offering a collection of millions of titles digitized from libraries around the world. HathiTrust materials can be searched through UWF Libraries' Catalog. 
  • The Directory of OpenAccess Books ( – This site is a clearinghouse of links to books hosted in various locations, and includes a large selection of international textbooks.
  • Bookshelf ( – This collection includes books written specifically for as well as the original editions of the FlatWorldKnowledge textbooks (subsequent editions are only offered for purchase). You can view all their resources by subject area in their library
  • Open Access Publishing in European Networks ( – The OAPEN Library contains freely accessible academic books, mainly in the area of Humanities and Social Sciences.  OAPEN has books in multiple languages and covering a large variety of topics. There is a range of licensing for the books, but each books is clearly marked with the license.
  • Project Gutenberg ( – A volunteer effort to digitize and archive cultural works. Most items in this collection are digitized works from the public domain, making it a rich source for those in the Humanities
  • The National Academies Press ( – Unlike some of the open textbook initiatives these books are publicly available but not openly licensed.  You can link to the content, and even link directly to specific pages.  However, you cannot remix and redistribute the content.
  • GALILEO Open Learning Content ( -- GALILEO Open Learning Materials brings together open educational resources throughout the University System of Georgia, including open textbooks and ancillary material. Each document is classified by its Creative Commons license. You are allowed to reuse, redistribute, revise, remix, and retain these documents with particular restrictions. 
  • Teaching Commons "The Teaching Commons showcases high-quality open educational resources from leading colleges and universities and makes them available to educators and students around the world."
  • SUNY Open textbooks: ( -- Openly licensed textbooks and courses written and curated by SUNY Faculty. Also provides links to other OER initiatives across the state of New York. 

This is not a complete list, and this list will be periodically updated. 


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