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SLS 1109: 21st Century Foundations for Success

What is the Personal Librarian program?

The Personal Librarian Program is designed to introduce all first-year students to the resources and services of the UWF Libraries.  We are dedicated to helping our Argos become successful researchers, and we want to make sure you feel welcome and comfortable using the UWF Libraries.  Each student will be assigned a Personal Librarian (PL) who is prepared to help students find resources for assignments and research papers and answer any questions about using our wide range of resources and services.  Think of your PL as your library advisor – your "go-to" person for all things library-related.  Your PL may not always have the answer to your question, but they can refer you to the appropriate library or university contact.  

The PL program gives students a personalized and direct link to the library and is a great way to help them learn more about UWF and all it has to offer.  We believe this personal contact facilitates access to library materials, answers questions, and makes the UWF Libraries a more useful, tailored resource for our students. 

How Can my PL Help Me?

Your PL will:

  • Assist with finding information for your research assignments by helping you identify relevant resources and databases, demonstrating how to use them, and helping you understand citation
  • Help you locate materials held in other libraries
  • Help you when you have trouble accessing the Library's website or an electronic resource
  • Answer questions about library policies, procedures, and services
  • Keep you informed of new resources, services, and programs
  • Put you in contact with other UWF academic support units that can help you with information technology questions, writing assistance, or tutoring services

Your PL will NOT:

  • Do your research, write your paper, or edit your paper
  • Replace advisement roles of any other department on campus
  • Proctor your exam
  • Make photocopies