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SLS 1109: Foundations for Academic Success

The Personal Librarian Program



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Many people find libraries and librarians intimidating and that can keep them from finding the information they need or encourage them to turn to low-quality sources of information that are easily available on the Internet. The Personal Librarian Program is designed to help students who are new to UWF feel more comfortable using the library or asking librarians for help. UWF librarians will contact new students whether they are freshmen enrolled in college for the first time, students transferring from another college or university, or a graduate student who may have been out of school for awhile.

The Personal Librarian Program gives students a personal direct link to the library. The librarian who contacts you is a subject specialist in your area of study. While any of the librarians is more than happy to assist your, your personal librarian will be the one most familiar with the resources the UWF Libraries have to support your work. We hope this personal contact will encourage you to use library materials and services, and to ask for help when experiencing challenges finding information for your work.   

Each new student should expect to hear from their Personal Librarian several times during the semester via email. We'll highlight services and sources that may be useful, but that you may not know we offer. However, if you need help, don't wait for an email - your personal librarian is there any time you need them. 

How Can my PL Help Me?

Personal Librarians will:

  • Assist with finding information for your research assignments
  • Help you identify relevant resources and databases and demonstrate how to use them
  • Provide resources that explain citations and how to use them to find information
  • Help you locate and request materials held in other libraries
  • Answer questions about library policies, procedures, and services
  • Help you access the Library's website and electronic resources
  • Inform you about new library resources, services, and programs
  • Explain how to contact other academic support units regarding information technology questions, writing assistance, or tutoring services

Personal Librarians will not:

  • Do your research
  • Write or edit papers
  • Proctor exams
  • Make photocopies

Find Your Librarian


Subject Specialty

Dean DeBolt

Phone: (850) 474-2213
Office: Bldg 32, Rm 006

West Florida History

Michelle Finley

Phone: (850) 474-2413
Office: Bldg 32, Rm 103

Head of Circulation

Melissa Finley Gonzalez

Phone: (850) 474-2821
Office: Bldg 32, Rm 140

Anthropology & Archaeology; History; Political Science; Religion; Philosophy; Music; Multicultural, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Cindy Gruwell

Phone: (850) 474-2358
Office: Bldg 32, Rm 136

Athletic Training; Biomedical Sciences; Exercise Science;Health Promotion & Community Health; Health Sciences & Healthcare Administration; Medical Laboratory Sciences; Medicine; Nursing; Nutrition; Public Health; Recreation & Leisure; 

Shari Johnson

Phone: (850) 474-2711
Office: Bldg 32, Rm 134

Accounting; Business; Commerce; Construction; Economics; Finance; Hospitality & Tourism; Human Resources; Industry; International Business; Management & MIS; Marketing; Public Administration; Sport Management; Supply Chain Logistics

Thomas Jonte

Phone: (850) 474-3446
Office: Bldg 32, Rm 139

Biology; Chemistry; Computer Science; Cybersecurity; Data Analysis; Earth & Environmental Sciences; Engineering (Computer, Electrical, Mechanical); Geography & GIS; Geology; Information Technology; Intelligent Systems; Mathematics & Statistics; Physics; Robotics

Chris Levesque

Phone: (850) 474-2957
Office: Bldg 86, Rm 106

Behavior Analysis; Criminal Justice; Education, Curriculum, & Instruction; Instructional Design & Technology; Military Studies; Social Work

Britt McGowan

Phone: (850) 474-2048
Office: Bldg 32, Rm 135

Art & Graphic Design; Communication; English; Film Studies; Journalism; Languages; Literature; Public Relations & Advertising; Theatre

Kellie Sparks

Phone: (850) 474-2264
Office: Bldg 32, Rm 133

Legal Studies/Law; Psychology

Paul Williford

Phone: (850) 863-6577
Office: Emerald Coast, Building 8

Emerald Coast Librarian