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SYG 2010: Current Social Problems

Evaluating Internet Sources

Use Google Advanced to find authoritative online sources (websites).  Enter your search term(s) and limit domain to .edu or .gov.

Use the CRAAP test for evaluating websites:

  • C - currency
  • R - relevance
  • A - authority
  • A - accuracy
  • P - purpose

Pro Tip: in general, your instructors do not consider e-journals and e-books to be online sources (the internet is your means of access)

Evaluating Information from the Web: A Tutorial

Watch this brief video for help evaluating web sources:

Searching Google Effectively: A Tutorial

Use GOOGLE ADVANCED SEARCH to find authoritative online sources (websites).

Enter your search term(s) and limit by domain (.edu, .gov., etc.) or document type (.pdf, .doc, .xls, etc.).