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Library Resources for Online Courses

A guide to library resources for faculty to incorporate into their online courses

Embedded Librarians

What’s an Embedded Librarian?

An embedded librarian is a librarian that is integrated into an online class for a period of time to support the students in their research process. 

Why do I need an embedded librarian?

Many of our students here at UWF are in entirely online programs. They may never visit campus or any of our physical libraries. Fortunately, the library has a wealth of electronic resources that can be accessed remotely. But having the resources is not enough. Many students don't realize the resources they have access to through the library, how to access them, or how using them can benefit their scholarly work. An embedded librarian will provide support for these students in their virtual space. 

What can the embedded librarian do for your class?

  • provide information about the library's databases, e-books and services
  • help students find credible web sources
  • assist with citations
  • help narrow topics and brainstorm ideas for research
  • identify keywords and search terms for a topic
  • assist student with the online catalog
  • answer questions about the library or research

How do they do that?

  • create tutorials, videos and other digital learning objects to be placed in your eLearning course
  • participate in a discussion forum in eLearning
  • synchronous instruction via Collaborate Ultra
  • the possibilities are endless- if you have other ideas, please contact your librarian!

Who do I contact?

The subject specialist for your department is the best person to contact. You can find a list of which librarians assist which departments here. If you have general questions about the program, please contact Amanda Ziegler, our online outreach librarian at