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SOW 5106: Human Behavior and the Social Environment II

Guided Search

American FactFinder's "Guided Search" leads users step-by-step through selections to get to the needed data.

The steps involve choosing topics of interest, geography, race, and program or dataset (if you know it). A series of 'breadcrumbs' at the top of the Guided Search page shows your progress.

The search results will display up to 10 of the most relevant items based on your selections.

Using "Guide Search"

Click on "Guided Search" and then click "Get Me Started."

STEP 1: 

Bullet the subject that most closely relates to your topic of interest: people, housing, business or industries, dataset, or by table number. Some examples of what's included are provided in parentheses. Once you've chosen, click 'Next.'

STEP 2: 

Select one or more topics. Your 'selections' box will display any selection made, along with the number of tables association with that topic. When you've chosen all relevant topics, click 'Next.'

STEP 3: 

Select your geography of interest. Add your selection to the "Your Selections" box to the right. Geographic selections may be limited, based on your previous choices already in "Your Selections." Click 'Next.'

STEP 4: 

Step 4 is optional. Selecting a race or ethnic group will limit your results to tables from datasets containing race, ancestry, or tribe data. If you wish to do so, click on the "Select from Race/Ethnic Groups" and add your selection to the "Your Selections" area. Click 'Next.'

STEP 5: 

In this step, the top 10 results based on the search criteria in "Your Selections" is displayed. Each time an addition was made to "Your Selections," your results were further refined. Select the table that best meets your needs. If none of the displayed tables contain the information you want,  click on "Advanced Search" in the second bullet.

You can make changes in the Guided Search by clicking on the tabs across the top. (You don't have to follow the tab order).

STEP 6: 

Step 6 is the Table Viewer, where you are able to view your table selection.