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Textbook Course Reserves: Information for Faculty

Questions? Please call or email:

Josh Camacho
Textbook Reserves Specialist
Billy Nelson
Circulation Manager

Textbook Reserves Policies

  • Textbook reserves may be checked out for two hours, with no renewals. Before you may check the item out again, it must remain on the shelf for one hour to enable others an opportunity for access.
  • Three reserve items may be checked out a time, and textbook reserves may not leave the building.
  • Please have your Nautilus card with you to check out materials.

Program Information

In an effort to aid in student retention and assist with textbook affordability, the John C. Pace Library launched a pilot project for fall 2015 to provide select textbooks on reserve. Beginning in fall 2016, this project was expanded to include required textbooks for all 1000- through 4000-level courses. A significant benefit of this project is that undergraduate students will have access to course-required textbooks and be able to complete class assignments.

To assist with getting the word out to students, please include a statement in your syllabus about the project. We suggest wording similar to the following:

"The textbook(s) for this course are available on Reserve at the Circulation Desk at the John C. Pace Library for a 2-hour loan period (books must stay in the Library). Please take advantage of this resource, but keep in mind that copies of textbooks for each course are limited and may be in use by another student, particularly right before an assignment or reading is due, so plan your textbook use accordingly."

Please be aware that the library has only purchased the textbooks marked as “required” on the bookstore list. If you would like the library to place any recommended or supplemental texts on reserve, please complete the form available online at or contact Michael Pace, Reserves Coordinator,

Is your course included?

Click on the link to a PDF of the textbooks that will be available in course reserves. If you have any questions at all, please contact Michael Pace at

If you have already placed items in course reserves, thank you! They will be available for students but not included in the spreadsheet of items purchased by the Library.


Would you like to place materials on Reserve?

To place items on reserve, please complete the form available online at

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact Michael Pace at

Course Reserves/Textbook Reserves Comparison

Here are a few comparisons to help demarcate the UWF library’s Course reserves and Textbook programs and how they complement each other:

  • The textbooks only loan for 2 hours, but the course reserves may have the loan period set by the contributing faculty member.
  • The library will be purchasing all required textbooks for 1000-4000 level classes. If you have any supplementary material that you would like available to the student body free of charge, course reserves is the way to go. Simply fill out the form on the library website and drop off the material.
  • Also, if you have an extra copy of the textbook for your class, providing the library with the extra copy will ensure your students access to this material. As noted, the library will be purchasing only one copy per class.

While the textbook program focuses on physical copies of the required texts, any online video/article resources will be handled by the course reserves program.