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Poster Design: Tips for Creating a Successful Poster

Printing Services

UWF Printing Services has the following tips:

Software and File Formats

  • Microsoft Publisher or Adobe Creative Suite is the recommended software for designing your poster.
  • Other software such as GIMP (free online!) is also good for design purposes. All files must be converted to PDF format before being submitted and printed.

Image Editing Software on Campus

  • Image editing software (Adobe Creative Suite, Gimp) is available in the John C. Pace Library Skylab (5th floor). We highly recommend you use these programs instead of Microsoft Office or Paint

Formatting and Design

  • Posters must be no larger than 42 inches on one side. It is usually advisable to set the paper size to exactly 42" to avoid unnecessary cuts after it is printed. 
  • Note that margins of 0.5 inch or larger are required on each side, so depending on your software you may need to set your page to 41" if it is measuring editable space rather than paper size (as in PowerPoint).

More tips are available via the Printing Services website. Be sure to check with them if you have any questions about how your poster might print.