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Google Guide

Google Tricks

Use Google spell checker. Entering a word into Google is a quick way to see if you have the right spelling. If it’s incorrect, Google will suggest the correct spelling instead. 

Use Google as a calculator. Google has a built-in calculator — try entering a calculation like 110 * (654/8 + 3)  or 5*9+(sqrt 10)^3=. Google has a calculator information sheet that is very helpful

Find out what time it is anywhere in the world. Search for “time” and then the name of the city. For example, try: [time Salt Lake City] 

Get quick currency conversions. Google can also do currency conversion.  For example: [100 pounds in dollars]

Track flight status. Enter the airline and flight number into the Google search box and get back the arrival and departure times right inside Google's search results. Try: [Delta flight 562]

Area code lookup. Need to know where a phone number is located? Google will let you know where it is, and show you a map of the area, too. For example: [area code 415]

Movie lookup. Find reviews and showtimes. Try: [movies Hunger Games] 

Stocks. Look up stock information by entering just the ticker symbol.  Try: [goog]

Unit conversion: Easily convert between different units of measurement. Try [67 inches in cm]

Public information. To see trends for population and unemployment rates of U.S. states and counties, type "population" or "unemployment rate" followed by a state or county. You can click through to a page that lets you compare different locations. Try: [population Los Angeles]

Find a definition. If you want to get a definition of a word or an idea, you can use the “define:” operator to return definitions from various dictionaries.  For example: [define:parallelogram].  You can also use "what is" - try: [what is ebola].

There are many more Google tricks to explore.