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PSY 2012: General Psychology

This guide is specifically designed for the General Psychology (PSY 2012) course.

Beginning Your Research Paper

Here are some helpful tips for finding and developing your research topic: 

- Create an outline, mind map, or brainstorm ideas on a particular broad topic.

- Review a variety of materials to collect background information: Encyclopedias, Newspapers, Wikipedia (but don't cite it!), or your textbook.

- Develop a research question that you are interested in.

- Use OneSearch to search your topic to see what kinds of journal articles appear (make sure there is enough relevant, timely information available for you to provide ample research) and discover whether it is easily accessible.

-  Decide what kinds of sources you may need: primary or secondary sources (i.e. primary - interviews, conduct surveys, questionnaires, or secondary - journal articles, books, trade journals); scholarly vs. popular articles

Library Services

Using One Search: A Tutorial

How to Find a Scholarly Article: A Tutorial

Watch the following video tutorial for help with finding scholarly articles:

Basic Catalog Usage: A Tutorial

Interlibrary Loan Tutorial