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Argo Scholar Commons

Introducing the Argo Scholar Commons



The University of West Florida (UWF) Libraries hosts the Argo Scholar Commons (ASC), a research portal and

institutional repository providing a permanent, digital showcase of research, scholarship,

and creativity of faculty, students, and staff of the University of West Florida community. 

ASC Benefits

By participating in our institutional repository, the Argo Scholar Commons (ASC), you can amplify the visibility and impact of your academic contributions in numerous ways:

1. Increased Visibility and Recognition: Placing your scholarly work in the ASC makes it easily accessible to a global audience.We currently participate in the Florida Open Academic Library (FOAL), which provides access to digital resources held by all academic institutions. And we plan to integrate with other national and international repositories in the near future.This increased visibility can lead to more citations and acknowledgment within your academic community.

2. Long-term Preservation:The Argo Scholar Commons offers a secure and sustainable platform for preserving your scholarly Scholarly record. We can ensure your works remain accessible and relevant even years after publication, promoting the perpetuity of knowledge.

3. Complying with Open Access Initiatives: New requirements from the OSTP to make federally-funded research available immediately upon publication and without embargoes underscore the importance and necessity of OA publishing to research. The ASC can help you meet OA initiatives & requirements meant to facilitate the free dissemination of knowledge and promote local, national, and global collaboration.

4. Enhancing Institutional Prestige: A robust institutional repository that houses cutting-edge research and scholarly works significantly enhances UWF's reputation. Your participation contributes to the collective scholarly profile of our university and showcases our commitment to advancing research and academic excellence.

5. Networking and Collaboration Opportunities: ASC serves as a hub for researchers, facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration and networking. By placing your work in this shared space, you invite potential collaborators and foster a culture of scholarly engagement within and beyond our institution.

6. Measuring Research Impact: ASC allows us to track the impact of our faculty's research through download statistics, citation metrics, and other analytics. This data is invaluable for performance evaluations, grant applications, and tenure reviews.

Argo Scholar Commons Policy

The Argo Scholar Commons has a set of policies that drives and manages its collection.  You may view the current policy by clicking on the link below.

Rights Statement

Permission granted to the University of West Florida to digitize and display this item for non-profit research and educational purposes. Any reuse of this item in excess of fair use or other copyright exemptions requires the permission of the copyright holder.