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Faculty Publications

Kalaimannan, Ezhil - Computer Science

  • Chi, H., Welch, S., Vasserman, E., & Kalaimannan, E. (2017). A Framework of Cybersecurity Approaches in Precision Agriculture. Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security, Dayton, pp. 90-95.

  • Reichherzer, T., Mishra, A., Kalaimannan, E., & Wilde, N. (2016). A Case Study on the Trade-Offs Between Security, Scalability, and Efficiency in Smart Home Sensor Networks. Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence (CSCI), Las Vegas, NV, 2016, pp. 222-225.

  • Chi, H., Kalaimannan, E., & Hubbard, D. (2016). Integrate Text Mining into Computer and Information Security Education. KSU Conference on Cybersecurity Education, Research, and Practice. Paper 11, Kennesaw.

  • Kalaimannan, E., & John, C. S. (2016). Security Development Life Cycle framework for web-based applications, National Cybersecurity Institute Journal, Vol. 3, No. 1, Pages 23-29.

  • Gupta, J. N.D., Kalaimannan, E., Yoo, S-M (2016). A heuristic for maximizing investigation effectiveness of digital forensic cases involving multiple investigators. Computers & Operations Research, Volume 69, May 2016, Pages 1-9, ISSN 0305-0548.

  • Kalaimannan, E. (2015). Smart Device Forensics - Acquisition, Analysis and Interpretation of Digital Evidences, Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence (CSCI’15), Las Vegas.

  • Pandey, A., Kalaimannan, E., & Venkatesan, S. (2015). An Information Diffusion Model to analyze the Behavior of Online Social Network based Malwares, Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence (CSCI’15), Las Vegas.

  • Kalaimannan, E., Mitchell, C., & Bagui, S. (2015). An Automated Method of Classifying and Analyzing Malware based Operating System Calls, Annual Computer Security Applications Conference, December 2015, Los Angeles, CA.

Kaloydis, Felicia - Postdoctoral Research Associate

  • Downing, C., Kaloydis, F., Parker, K., Green, P., Halonen, J., Whinnery, S., Whinnery K. & Kass, S. (2016). A formative program evaluation of the Arc Gateway Program for Adult Learning and Support (PALS). University of West Florida, Center for Applied Psychology.

Kass, Steven - Psychology

  • Lawson, B.D., Kass, S.J., Dhillon, K.K., Milam, L.S., Cho, T.H., & Rupert, A.H. (2016). Military occupations most affected by head/sensory injuries and the potential job impact of those injuries. Military Medicine, 181(8), 887-894.

  • Hopkins, K., Kass, S.J., Blalock, L.D., & Brill, J.C. (2017). Effectiveness of auditory and tactile crossmodal cues in a dual-task visual and auditory scenario. Ergonomics, 60, 692-700. Retrieved from

  • Downing, C., Kaloydis, F., Parker, K., Green, P., Halonen, J., Whinnery, S., Whinnery K. & Kass, S. (2016). A formative program evaluation of the Arc Gateway Program for Adult Learning and Support (PALS). University of West Florida, Center for Applied Psychology.

  • Downing, C., Davis, K., Van Der Like, J., Smith-Peters, C., Vodanovich, S., & Kass, S. (2017). Situation awareness training for nurses: Identifying sepsis. University of West Florida, Center for Applied Psychology.

  • Downing, C., Kaloydis, F., Parker, K., Green, P., Halonen, J., Whinnery, S., Whinnery, K., & Kass, S. (2016). A formative program evaluation of the Arc Gateway Program for Adult Learning and Support (PALS), Final Report prepared for Arc Gateway.
  • DiLoreto, M., Wheatley, K., Morganson, V. J., Assefa, J., O'Neill, S., McKincly, D., Nguyen, G., & Kass, S. J. (2015). Race to the top FLDOE developed student growth models for hard-to-measure course content areas (music, visual arts, and physical education): Phase II, Final Report prepared for the Florida Department of Education Division of Accountability, Research and Measurement.
  • Case, S., Schneider, S. K., White, L.J., Kass, S. J., Manning, K., & Wilde, N. (2013). Integrating globally distributed team projects into software engineering courses. Proceedings of the 3rd annual workshop on collaborative teaching of globally distributed software development (CTGDSD), 25-29.
  • Kass, S. J. (2013). Military occupational specialty abilities impacted by traumatic brain injury: Summary report. Final report to United States Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory, Ft. Rucker, AL. 
  • Piotrowski, C., & Kass, S.J. (2013). The scope of cell phone research in the psychological literature. Psychology & Education: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 50(1/2), 29-32. 
  • Takeuchi, J., Kass, S. J., Schneider, S. K., & VanWormer, L. (2013). Virtual and face-to-face teamwork differences in culturally homogeneous and heterogeneous teams. Journal of Psychological Issues in Organizational Culture, 4(2), 17-34. doi:10.1002/jpoc.21112
  • Kass, S.J., VanWormer, L., Mikulas, W., Legan, S., & Bumgarner, D. (2011). Effects of mindfulness training on simulated driving: Preliminary results. Mindfulness, 2(4), 236. doi:10.1007/s12671-011-0066-1 
  • Kass, S.J., Vodanovich, S.J., & Khosravi, J.Y. (2011). Applying the job characteristics model to the college education experience.  Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 11(4), 56-68.



Keller, Scott - Marketing and Economics

  • Keller, S. (2015). Teaching Utilizing Live Cases: Industry and Student Collaborations, Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals.
  • Keller, S.B., and Keller, B. C. (2014) The Definitive Guide to Warehousing Managing the Storage and Handling of Materials and Products in the Supply Chain. Pearson Education and the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals. ISBN-13: 918-0133448900 ISBN-10: 0133448908
  • Keller, S. B., Hochard, K., Rudolph, T., & Boden, M. (2013). A compendium of multi-item scales utilized in logistics research (2001-10): Progress achieved since publication of the 1973-2000 compendium. Journal of Business Logistics, 34(2), 85-93. doi:10.1111/jbl.12011

Khabou, Mohamed - Computer Engineering

  • Maghrebi, W., Khabou, M.A., & Alimi, A. (2016). Texture and Fuzzy Color Features to Index Roman Mosaic Images, Int. J. of Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications.

  • Maghrebi, W., Khabou, M.A., & Alimi, A. (2016). Texture Features to Index and Retrieve Roman Mosaic Images, Proc. Int’l Conference on Automation, Control Engineering and Computer Science (ACECS), Hammamet, Tunisia.

  • Maghrebi, W., Khabou, M.A., & Alimi, A.M., (2014). FMIRS: A Fuzzy indexing and retrieval system of mosaic-image database. Electronic Letters on Computer Vision and Image Analysis, Vol. 13, No. 3, pp. 81-96.

  • Khabou, M.A. & Rhouma, M.B.H., (2014). Ratios of Eigenvalues for the Dirichlet Laplacian and Hu’s Moments, Proc. Int’l Conference on Image Processing, Computer Vision, and Pattern Recognition, Las Vegas, NV,
  • Shaer, B. & Khabou, M.A., (2014). The Development of Interactive Distance-Learning Laboratory for Teaching Digital Design in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Proc. Int’l Conference on Frontiers in Education: Computer Science and Computer Engineering, Las Vegas, NV
  • Khabou, M. A., & Parlato, M. V. (2013). Classification and feature analysis of actigraphy signals. 2013 Proceedings of IEEE Southeastcon, 1-5.  doi:10.1109/SECON.2013.6567450
  • Maghrebi, W., Ammar, A. B., Alimi, A. M., & Khabou, M. A. (2013). An intelligent mutli-object retrieval system for historical mosaics. International Journal of Advanced Computer Science & Applications, 4(4), 103.
  • Hamdani, T.M., Khabou, M.A., Alimi, A.M., and Karray, F. (2011). An intelligent decision-making system based on multiple classifiers updated using confidence rates and stress parameters. Control and Intelligent Systems, 39(4), 213-223.

Kenny, Daisy May - Student & Personal Trainer

  • Kenny, D.M., Crawley, A., & Greska, E. (2017). The effects of a golf specific exercise intervention on swing performance in collegiate golfers. National Strength and Conditioning Association, Annual Conference, Las Vegas, NV.

  • Kenny, D.M., Crawley, A., Cosio-Lima, L., & Greska, E. (2017). The effects of a golf specific exercise intervention on swing performance in collegiate athletes. National Strength and Conditioning Association, Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Kenny, D.M., Crawley, A., & Greska, E. (2017). The effects of a golf specific exercise intervention on swing performance in collegiate golfers. National Strength and Conditioning Association Annual Conference, Las Vegas, NV.

Kesharwani, Tanay - Chemistry

  • Dubrovskiy, A. V., Kersharwani, T., Markina, N. A., Pletnev, A. A., Raminelli, C., Yao, T., Zeni, G., Zhang, L., Zhang, X., Rozhkov, R., Worlikar, S. A., Molina, M. T., & Russell, C. E. (2018). (Larock, R. ed.) Comprehensive Organic Transformations, ISBN-13: 978-0470927953 ISBN-10: 047092795X, Vol. 3.

  • Kesharwani, T., Giraudy, K. A., Morgan, J. L., Kornman C. T. & Olaitan, A. D. (2017). Green synthesis of halogenated thiophenes, selenophenes and benzo[b]selenophenes using sodium halides as a source of electrophilic halogens. Tetrahedron Letters 2017, 58, 638-641.

Khakzad, Sorna - Florida Public Archaeology Network

  • Khakzad, S.S. & Griffith, D. (2016). The role of fishing material culture in communities’ sense of place as an added-value in management of coastal areas. Journal of Marine and Island Cultures.

Kiehl, Ermalyn - Nursing

  • Romp, C., Kiehl, E., Bickett, A., Bledsoe, S., Brown, D., Eitel, S., & Wall, M.P. (2014). Motivators and Barriers to Returning to School: RN to BSN. Journal for Professional Development, 30(2), 83-86. 

Killgrove, Kristina - Anthropology

  • Melisch, C.M., Garlisch, I., Jungklaus, B., Killgrove, K., Nagy, M., Powers, N., Rothe, J., TeBmann, B., Tichomirowa, M., & White, K. (2017). Medieval Space and Population. Mitteilungen der Berliner Gesellschaft für Anthropologie, Ethnologie und Urgeschichte, Bd. 37: pp. 51-64.
  • Melisch, C.M., Garlisch, I., Rothe, J., Tichomirowa, M., Killgrove, K., & Powers, N. (2017). Medieval space and population: Internationale Forscher auf der Suche nach den ersten Berlinern. Archäologie in Berlin und Brandenburg 2015, Landeskenkmalamt Berlin, pp. 102-108.
  • Killgrove, K., Montgomery, J. (2016). All roads lead to Rome: exploring human migration to the Eternal City through biochemistry of skeletons from two Imperial-era sites (1st-3rd c AD), PLOS ONE 11(2): e0147585. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0147585. 

  • Killgrove, K., (2015). Roman Osteology Database – Two Cemeteries from Imperial Rome, Figshare.

  • Killgrove, K., (2015). Human Osteology Laboratory Workbook, Lulu Press. 

  • Killgrove, K. (2015). Review of The Body in History: Europe from the Palaeolithic to the Future, American Anthropologist 117(4):866-7

  • Killgrove, K. (2015). “Osteological report on the Area D skeletons from Gabii.”  Report to Nicola Terrenato, Department of Classical Studies, University of Michigan.

  • Meyers Emery, K. and Killgrove, K. (2015). Bones, bodies, and blogs: Outreach and engagement in bioarchaeology.  Internet Archaeology 40.

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  • Killgrove, K., & Tykot, R. (2013). Food for Rome: A stable isotope investigation of diet in the Imperial period (1st-3rd centuries AD). Journal of Anthropological Archaeology, 32(1), 28-38. doi:10.1016/j.jaa.2012.08.002.
  • Killgrove, K. (2012). Review of Violence, ritual, and the Wari Empire, by T.A. Tung. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 149(4), 640-641.  

King, Chula - Accounting and Finance

  • King, C. & Piotrowski, C. (2015). Bullying of Educators by Educators: Incivility in Higher Education, Contemporary Issues in Education Research, 8 (4), 257-262, doi:
  • Piotrowski, C. & King, C. (2015). The Enigma of Adult Bullying in Higher Education: A Research-Based Conceptual Framework, Education, 162 (3), 161-168.

King, Dione - Social Work

  • Goulette, N., Evans, S.Z., & King, D. (2016). How do juveniles fare when they are raised by “Nana”? Exploring the influence of custodial grandparents on juveniles. Children and Youth Services Review, 70, 349-356.

  • King, D.M., Hatcher, S.S., Blakey, J.M., Mbizo, J. (2015). Teen dating violence and the impact of health risk behaviors among delinquent youth, Social Work and Public Health.
  • King, D.M., Hatcher, S.S., Bride, B. (2015). An exploration of risk factors associated with dating violence: Examining the predictability of adolescent female dating violence perpetration, Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment 25. 8: 907-922.

Krieger, Kevin - Accounting & Finance

  • Davis, J. & Krieger, K. (2017). Preseason Bias in NFL and NBA Betting Markets. Applied Economics, 49(12): 1204-1212.

  • Bostwick, E. D., Krieger, K., & Lambert, S. L. (2016). Relevance of Goodwill Impairments to Cash Flow Prediction and Forecasting, Journal of Accounting Auditing and Finance., doi: 10.1177/0148558X15596201.

  • Krieger, K. M., Pace, R. D., Clarke, N., & Girdner, C. (2015). Anchoring, Affect and Efficiency of Sports Gaming Markets Around Playoff Positioning, Financial Services Review, 24 (3), 313-329.

  • Fodor, A., & Krieger, K. (2014). Does Jet Lag Create a Profitable Opportunity for NFL Bettors?, Journal Of Gambling Business & Economics8(1), 41-52.
  • Fodor, A., DiFilippo, M., Krieger, K., & Davis, J. (2013). Inefficient pricing from holdover bias in NFL point spread markets. Applied Financial Economics, 23(17), 1407-1418. doi:10.1080/09603107.2013.829201 
  • Krieger, K., & Ang, J. S. (2013). The unintended consequences of high expectations and pressure on new CEOs. Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, 40(3-4), 501-526. 
  • Krieger, K., Lee, B., & Mauck, N. (2013). Do senior citizens prefer dividends? Local clienteles vs. firm characteristics. Journal of Corporate Finance, 23, 150-165. doi:10.1016/j.jcorpfin.2013.08.002  
  • Krieger, K., & Fodor, A. (2013). Price movements and the prevalence of informed traders: The case of line movement in college basketball. Journal of Economics & Business, 68, 70-82.  
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Kuhl, Jaromy - Mathematics & Statistics

  • Kuhl, J. & McGinn, D. (2017). On completing partial Latin squares with two filled rows and at least two filled columns. Australasian Journal of Combinatorics. 68 (2), 186-201.

  • Kuhl, J. & Schroeder, M. (2017). Latin squares with disjoint subquares of two orders. Journal of Combinatorial Designs.

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Kumar, V. Vimal - Computer Science

  • S. Madria, V. Kumar, and R. Dalvi. Sensor Cloud: A Cloud of Virtual Sensors in: IEEE Software, Special Issue on Next Generation Mobile Computing , March 2014 
  • R. Cabaniss, V. Kumar and S. Madria, Multi-Party Encryption (MPE) - Secure Communications in Delay Tolerant Networks, in Springer Wireless Networks Journal. (Will be published before the end of the year 2014)
  • V. Kumar, and S. Madria. Secure Code Dissemination in Sensor Clouds in 15th International Conference on Mobile Data Management (MDM 2014)

Kuo, Lei Hsin - Mathematics & Statistics

  • Lin, J., Hong, Y., Kuo, L.H. (2017). Numerical simulation of 3D nonlinear Schrödinger equations by using the localized method of approximated particular solutions. Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements.

  • Zheng, H., Yao, G.M., & Kuo, L.H. (2016). On the selection of good shape parameter of localized radial basis functions collocation methods, Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements.
  • Lin, J., Hong, Y.X., Kuo, L.H., & Liu, C.S. (2016). Numerical simulation of 3D nonlinear Schrodinger equations by using the localized method of approximate particular solutions, Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements.

Kwon, Insu

  • Kwon, I., Jang, Y., Cho, J-Y, Jang, Y.C, & Lee, Y. (2017). Long-term Resistance Exercise-induced Muscular Hypertrophy is Associated with Autophagy Modulation in Rats. Journal of Physiological Sciences, doi:10.1007/s12576-017-0531-2.

  • Jang, Y., Koo, J.H., Kwon I., Kang, EB., Um HS., Soya, H., Lee, Y., & Cho, J-Y. (2017). Neuroprotective effects of endurance exercise against neuroinflammation in mice with MPTP-induced Parkinson's disease. Brain Research, 1655, 186-193.

  • Waggener G.T., Kwon, I., Wiley, L., Lee, Y., Nichols, H & Haymes, E. (2016). The Effect of a Low Glycemic vs. High Glycemic Pre-Exercise Meal in Recreationally Trained Endurance Cyclists. Journal of Exercise Physiology, 19:2, 90-99.

  • Campbell, Z., Finley, S.J., Kwon, I., Lee, Y., and Javan, G. (2016). Talin: A Potential Protein Biomarker in Postmortem Investigations. Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine, 44, 188-191.