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SYD 3810: Introduction to Women's Studies


  • The Prospectus is a maximum half page typed description of your paper topic
    • What? (what are you investigating?)
    • Why? (what do you hope to learn or uncover?)
    • How? (what approach are you going to take? what theory will provide the framework for your analysis or disciplinary focus?)
    • When? (modern day? historical? future?)
    • Where? (southern or northern states, U.S, another country, or international?) 
  • Include a working title, the focus of your research, and why you selected this topic
  • Do NOT indent paragraphs
  • 12-point font
  • should not exceed 2 paragraphs

See the following examples:

*NOTE: these examples use indented paragraphs, but your assignment will NOT

Annotated Bibliography

The main objective of this assignment is to develop an Annotated Bibliography of research related to gender in a particular subject area. This annotated bibliography should accomplish at least four (4) of the following:

  • Briefly describe the content of the source
  • Describe the focus or purpose of the piece
  • Identify the usefulness of the article or book
  • Pinpoint defects or limitations that the piece may have
  • Categorize the possible audience for which the article or book is intended
  • Identify what research methods were used in the piece
  • Speculate on the reliability and relevance of the article
  • Describe the author(s) conclusions

Assignment Requirements: 

  • use at least 8 sources
  • no more than 2 sources from the internet
  • 4-5 typed double-spaced pages
  • use MLA or APA style (not a mixture)

Research Paper

Research Paper Requirements:

  • 10-12 typed double-spaced pages (not including your reference page)
  • no cover page is needed, but make sure your name is on every page of your paper
  • use scholarly sources (books and journals)
  • no more than 2 internet sources
  • at least 4 sources must be cited in the text as well as in the bibliography
  • use MLA or APA style (not a mixture)

Pro tip: begin your research now so that you can utilize U-Borrow or Interlibrary Loan services to obtain books and articles that UWF does not own

Tips for Finding Sources

1.  Books - search the library catalog

2.  Scholarly articles - search OneSearch and limit results to Academic Journals, or search in a subject database

3.  Authoritative online sources (websites) - use Google Advanced search to limit results to .edu or .gov domains