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SYG 2000: Introduction to Sociology

Social Issues


Bureau of the Census Catalog. 1946- (U.S. Doc. C3.163/3:)and online at 

County and City Data Book. 1949- (U.S. Doc. & Ref Desk. C3.134/2:C83/2/ and 

Current Population Reports. 1985- (U.S. Doc. C3.186:) 
See also the Population Studies Center site at

Demographic Yearbook. Annual. (Ref. JX 1977 A2 St Stoa)

Statistical Abstract of the United States. 1878- (Ref. & Ref. Desk HA 202 U58) 
See also Fedstats, available online at

Statistical Abstract of the World. 1997. (Ref. Desk HA 154 .S68) 

Statistical Sources on the Web

Vital Statistics of the United States. 1937- (U.S. DOC. HE 20.6210:year/vols.) 
Vital statistics and other public health-related statistics may also be found at theNational Center for Health Statistics website at

World-System Archives 
See also the ISSP (International Social Science Programme) data and archives at

Yale Social Science Data Archive;jsessionid=C69BA8CCEB3FA8ECDF27536EBB6F9F92
See also Social Sciences Data Collection maintained by the UC at San Diego,