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Evidence Based Nursing


  • Decide what you want to present
  • Research your topic appropriately
  • Consider length and content and plan accordingly
  • Outline your presentation logically
  • Prepare slides using PowerPoint or other presentation software
  • Proofread slides
  • Prepare for questions

HELP: the Writing Center can help with grammar and punctuation and assistants in the Skylab can assist with PowerPoint and other presentation software


  • Practice reading through the slides for timing and flow
  • Practice in front of colleagues or friends
  • Don't just read the slides, use them as talking points
  • Avoid using jargon and acronyms

HELP: Consider using the presentation equipment in the library to practice



  • Speak slowly and clearly (don't forget to breathe)
  • Make eye contact with the audience
  • Avoid annoying mannerisms
  • Convey enthusiasm for your topic
  • Be timely
  • Try to enjoy the experience

HELP: If you are prepared, you will know more about your subject than most people. Try to relax. The more you speak in front of groups, the easier it becomes.