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Professional Workforce Readiness & Information Literacy

Relating information literacy and library research skills to the professional workforce.

Books and More

The catalog provides access to books, documents, reports, and other materials. Although journal titles are listed in the catalog, it is not an index to articles within the journals and, more importantly, the catalog does not list all the online journals (see ejournals list for those).

For information on how to locate books, use the Locating Books guide

If you live over 50 miles from the UWF campus, you may request that books be delivered to you by mail.

Many books are available online. Links to these books are in the catalog but you may also search the online book collections directly: 

Books on Careers

Lots of resources are available for information about specific careers:

Books on Resumes

Although your credentials may be excellent, and your GPA impressive, the layout of your resume and the wording of your cover letter must be impeccable to compete in today's market.

There are lots of books, guides, and websites to consult while getting all your background information together in an organized, meaningful, and effective way.

Use the keyword resumes in the online catalog. Here are a few e-book examples: