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Professional Workforce Readiness & Information Literacy

Relating information literacy and library research skills to the professional workforce.

The Video Project

Working with the College of Business and Dean Ed Ranelli, the Libraries have developed 3 videos that demonstrate information literacy's value in the professional business workplace.  Each video represents one Student Learning Outcome essential to the 21st Century workplace.

As this project continues, the Libraries will be working with other departments on campus and identifying the information literacy and research skills that extend into the professional workforce of all disciplines.

Professional Workforce Readiness & the Libraries

One of the major student learning outcomes that we have for our Library Instruction and Information Literacy Program is that students will apply information literacy skills in their professions.  

In this age of ubiquitous information and technology, we recognize the need for professionals to be able to efficiently find information; to evaluate it and make good decisions based on that evaluation; to be able to create new information as part of a team; and to continue to practice ethical use of information well beyond college. 

Video 1: Using Information Ethically

Video 2: Making Informed Decisions

Video 3: Organizing & Creating Information