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Printing with WEPA

WEPA Printing Kiosk UWF Emerald Coast Library has a WEPA printing kiosk for black and white and color printing from most of the computers in the library.  You can also use the WEPA kiosk to print documents you have stored on a USB drive.

UWF students, faculty and staff are pre-registered with WEPA and may use their Nautilus cards when printing.

All other users must use a credit card or debit card and may create a free WEPA account and add funds to that account.

Printing prices are 10¢ per page for black and white and 50¢ per page for color printing.  Prices are slightly lower for duplex (two-sided) printing.  An additional 40¢ fee may be charged if you are not paying from a balance on your Nautilus Card or WEPA account.

Our library staff are happy to assist you when printing to WEPA!

For more information on WEPA printing, go to

Printing from NWF Computers

NWF Computers and PrintingThree NWF computers are located north of the Information Desk.  You must log into these with your NWF student email address and password.

You may only print from these computers using funds in your Raider Card account.

Print from within your document as you usually would.  This will send your print job to the NWF cloud.

Go to one of the two photocopiers  across from the Information Desk and swipe your Raider Card or log in with your Student ID number or username/password.  A list of your print jobs will appear. Select the jobs you want to print.  Printing is 10¢ per page single-sided or 7.5¢ per side double-sided.

If you need to add funds to your Raider Card account, you may use the wall-mounted machine near the copier/printers to add credit with bills or coins.  You may also go to the NWF Service Desk in Building 1 to add funds to your Raider Card via credit card, check or cash. 

Making Photocopies

There are two photocopiers on the first floor across from the Information Desk.

Both copiers will reduce and enlarge and offer duplex (two-sided) copying.  The cost is 10¢ per page single-sided or 7.5¢ per side double-sided.

Unfortunately, the copiers do not accept cash.  NWF students may pay for copies using their Raider Card.  See instructions above for NWF Printing.

UWF students and campus visitors should ask for assistance with making copies.



Scanner with Macintosh Workstation

UWF Emerald Coast Library has two scanners for public use.

Ask our library staff for assistance.