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On November 12, 2021 it was announced at the Library of Congress' Policy and Standards Division annual meeting that the Library of Congress will replace aliens and illegal aliens subject headings with new subject headings "Noncitizens" and "Illegal immigration". The approved changes by the Library of Congress on November 12, 2021 are available in the LIBRARY OF CONGRESS SUBJECT HEADINGS APPROVED MONTHLY LIST 11b.

As of Dec 9, 2021, OCLC has updated approximately 41,000 WorldCat records to change these headings. On a periodic basis, OCLC will continue to change older headings to the newer forms when they appear in WorldCat records, as well as updating the FAST headings to the updated terminology.

For historical background, see 'Change the Subject': A Hard-Fought Battle Over Words and watch the documentary film "Change the Subject" at Dartmouth's website.

Additional information:


Changes to Library of Congress (LOC) Subject Headings Containing "Aliens"

Former LOC Subject Heading New LOC Subject Heading
Alien detention centers Noncitizen detention centers
Alien labor Foreign workers
Aliens Noncitizens
Alien Criminals Noncitizen criminals
Aliens--China Noncitizens--China
Aliens--Confederate States of America Noncitizens--Confederate States of America
Aliens--Great Britain Noncitizens--Great Britain
Aliens--Housing Noncitizens--Housing
Aliens--Housing--Great Britain Noncitizens--Housing--Great Britain
Aliens--Medical care Noncitizens--Medical care
Aliens--Medical care--Law and legislation Noncitizens--Medical care--Law and legislation
Aliens--Medical examinations Noncitizens--Medical examinations
Aliens--Mental health Noncitizens--Mental health
Aliens--Political activity Noncitizens--Political activity
Aliens--Suffrage Noncitizens--Suffrage
Aliens--Taxation Noncitizens--Taxation
Aliens--Taxation--Law and legislation Noncitizens--Taxation--Law and legislation
Aliens--United States Noncitizens--United States
Aliens--United States--Identification Noncitizens--United States--Identification
Aliens--United States--Juvenile literature Noncitizens--United States--Juvenile literature
Aliens (Greek law) Noncitizens (Greek law)
Aliens in art Noncitizens in art
Aliens in literature Noncitizens in literature
Aliens in mass media Noncitizens in mass media
Aliens in motion pictures Noncitizens in motion pictures
Aliens (Islamic law) Noncitizens (Islamic law)
Aliens (Jewish law) Noncitizens (Jewish law)
Aliens (Roman law) Noncitizens (Roman law)
Children of illegal aliens Children of noncitizens
Children of illegal aliens--Education Children of noncitizens--Education
Children of illegal aliens--Education--Law and legislation Children of noncitizens--Education--Law and legislation
China--Officials and employees, Alien China--Officials and employees, Noncitizen
Church work with aliens Church work with noncitizens
Church work with aliens--Baptists Church work with noncitizens--Baptists
Church work with aliens--Catholic Church Church work with noncitizens--Catholic Church
Church work with aliens--Church of the Nazarene Church work with noncitizens--Church of the Nazarene
Church work with aliens--Lutheran Church Church work with noncitizens--Lutheran Church
Church work with aliens--Methodist Church Church work with noncitizens--Methodist Church
Church work with aliens--Protestant churches Church work with noncitizens--Protestant churches
Church work with aliens--Seventh-Day Adventists Church work with noncitizens--Seventh-Day Adventists
Church work with aliens--Taehan Yesugyo Changnohoe Church work with noncitizens--Taehan Yesugyo Changnohoe
Illegal alien children Noncitizen children or Illegal immigration
Illegal aliens Noncitizens or Illegal immigration
Illegal aliens in literature Noncitizens in literature or Illegal immigration in literature
 Unaccompanied children (Immigrants)  Unaccompanied immigrant children
Taxation of aliens  Noncitizens -- Taxation
Women illegal aliens  Women noncitizens or Illegal immigration


NOTE: Aliens is no longer an authorized LOC subject heading to represent extraterrestrial beings