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U.S. Documents

Congressional Resources

Congressional Bills 1993/1994- 
All published versions of bills from 1993 to present

U.S. Congress Congressional Record. Dec.1873-Oct.1976. (Periodicals Microfilm 26); 1977-. (U.S. Doc. Microfiche X/a). Also 1994- 
A record of Debates and Proceedings in Congress which includes messages to the Congress and voting records as well as Extension of Remarks, Daily Digest, and Lobby List, published daily while Congress is in session. Biweekly indexes contain a History of Bills and Resolutions section. Preceded by Debates and Proceedings in the Congress of the United States, 1789-1824 (MF 24A); Register of Debates in Congress, 1824-1837 (MF 24A); and Congressional Globe, 1833-1873 (MF 25)

U. S. Congress Serial Set. 1789-1969. (U.S. Doc. Microfiche)
A series of numbered House and Senate reports and documents, by session of Congress. Indexed by CIS U.S. Serial Set Index, 1789-1969 (Ref. Z 1223 Z7 C26 1975). Continued by U.S. Congress Reports. 1987. (U.S. Doc. Microfiche Y 1.). The House and Senate reports, by session of Congress, continues coverage of the U.S. Serial Set, above.

U.S. Congressional Hearings. 1981-. (U.S. Doc. Microfiche Y 4.) Also 1995- 
Transcript of testimony given before Congressional committees, these hearings are received from the major standing committees and from select and special committees as appointed in both the House and Senate. Preceded by CIS Microfiche Hearings Library 1976-1980. (U.S. Doc. Microfiche)