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Finding Statistics

Annual Retail Trade Data. Sales by NAICS for the last 15 years.

National Compensation Survey. U.S. Department of Labor

Economic Indicators. Monthly.
Statistical tables and charts are provided for the basic U.S. economic indicators. These indicators provide data on total output, income and spending; employment, unemployment and wages; production and business activity; prices; money, credit and security markets; and federal finance. Statistics in each issue are usually quoted annually for about 6 years and monthly for the past year.

Florida Labor Market
Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation provides employment data for major cities in Florida, including Pensacola.

Handbook of U.S. Labor Statistics. 2006. NetLibrary
A one volume compendium of data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which includes historical data when available. The Bureau also provides labor statistics on their web site:

Monthly Labor Review. 1915+. (Periodicals HD 8051 A78)
Current issue: Archive: This is the principal publication of data, analysis, and research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Survey of Current Business. Monthly. 1994+
Survey of Current Business provides statistics on general business indicators, commodity prices, construction and real estate, employment and earnings, etc.