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Finding Statistics

AD $ Summary. BAR/LNA Multimedia Service. 2001. (Ref. HF 5801 A18)

American Attitudes, Who Thinks What About the Issues That Shape Our Lives. 2000. (Ref. HN 90 P8 M58)

American Marketplace. 2001. (Ref. HA 214 A6)

Annual Retail Trade Data. Sales by NAICS for the last 15 years.

Consumer Expenditure Survey  

Datapedia of the United States, 1790-2005 America Year by Year. 1994. (Ref. HA 202 K87 and  netLibrary)

DemographicsNow. Robust and highly-detailed demographic data. Ideal for gaining consumer and market insight as you consider opening a business, finding an untapped audience for your products, analyzing the shifts and needs of a given population, and more. Reporting capability allows you to rapidly produce a variety of compiled reports to help you make informed and accurate decisions.

Demographics USA - Survey of Buying Power. Annual. (Ref. HF 5415.3 S8) & Emerald Coast Library

Editor and Publisher Market Guide. Annual. (Ref. Desk PN 4700 E415) & Emerald Coast Library

European Marketing Data and Statistics. 2003. (Ref. HA 1107 E88)

Household Spending. 2001. (Ref. HC 110 C6 O34)

Lifestyle Market Analyst. 2001. (Ref. HF 5415.33 U6 L54)

Manufacturing and Distribution USA. 2005. (Ref. HD 9721 M364) .Market Share Reporter. 2003. (Ref. HF 5410 M35) [Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe  and  Business & Company Resource Center  have the most current edition]

Sales and Marketing Management. Semi-Monthly. (Periodicals HF 5438 A34) & Emerald Coast Library

Standard Rate and Data Service. Annual. (Ref. HF 5905 S725) Cost information for advertisers and marketing statistics. The series includes:

  • Direct Marketing List Source. (Ref. HF 5861 S72
  • Radio Advertising Source. (Ref. HF 5905 S74)
  • SRDS Circulation. (Ref. HF 5905 A57) & Emerald Coast Library
  • SRDS Consumer Magazine Advertising Source. (Ref. HF 5905 S725)
  • TV & Cable Source (Ref. HF 5905 S745)

U .S. Market Trends & Forecasts. 2001. (Ref. HF 5415.1 U7)