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Demographic Statistics: Florida

Florida Statistics

Florida County Comparisons. Annual. 1980-1995 (Fla Doc. COD.C 3:C 58/ & FWB)
A statistical compendium of detailed information on business and industry, human resources, taxes and government, income and cost of living, and quality of life in the state.

Florida Municipal Profiles. 1990-1998. (Ref. Desk HA 311 F56)
Provides page-length statistical profiles for all incorporated places and counties in Florida.

Florida Population: Census Summary 2000. 2001. (Fla. Doc. UF. S 2:P 56/2000)
Census counts for counties and cities, components of population growth for counties in Florida, rank of Florida counties by population size and by change, etc.

Florida Statistical Abstract. Annual. 1967+ (Ref. Desk HA 311 F55 & FWB)
Provides up-to-date statistics on the state with particular attention given to economic and demographic data.

MPA. Market Profile Analysis: Pensacola, FL SMSA. Annual. 1982-2001 (Ref. Desk HC 108 P4 M22)
A detailed analysis of market and population trends based on the U.S. census. Includes statistical data on retail market indicators, business market indicators, new construction activity, and financial factors.

Municipal Reference Guide: Florida. 1998. (Ref. Desk HA 311 M86)
A comprehensive guide to data about 262 cities, 118 towns, and 18 villages within Florida's 67 counties.

State of Florida Population and Demographic Forecast. Annual. 1986+ (Fla. Doc. Gov. A 3:C 55/)
Presents population projections of the state by county and age group. See also 1990 Census Handbook Florida (Ref. Desk HA 311.5 1990 N56 1994), and Florida Estimates of Population (Ref. Desk HB 3525 F6 F57).