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Library resources in physics

Books and More

OneSearch includes books, especially ebooks, and online journal articles.


Handbook of Interferometers : Research, Technology, and Applications

Concise Handbook of Mathematics and Physics. 1997. (Ref. QC 61 A4813 1997)
This source explains the major concepts and notions of mathematics and physics with extensive illustrations, formulas and diagrams.

Handbook of Chemistry and Physics. Annual. (Ref. QD 65 H3) & FWB.
This standard handbook, published by CRC, provides extensive ready-reference data in chemistry and physics in tabular format.

Handbook of Optics. 4 vols. 1995. (Ref. QC 369 H35 1995)
Contents: Vol. 1.-"Fundamentals, Techniques, and Design;" Vol. 2-"Devices, Measurements and Properties;" Vol. 3-"Classical Optics;" and Vol. 4-"Fiber Optics and Nonlinear Optics."

Handbook of Physical Quantities. 1997. (Ref. QC 61 H36 1997)
The basic elements of the physical quantities of matter are described through the use of text, graphs, charts, tabular data, and bibliographical references in this easy-to-use handbook.

Handbook of Physics. 2001. (Ref. QC 61 H37 2001)
Concepts, formulas, rules, and theorems of physics are introduced in this handbook. All areas of physics including mechanics, vibration and waves, electricity, thermodynamics, and quantum physics are covered.

International Critical Tables of Numerical Data, Physics, Chemistry and Technology. 9th Rev. ed. 1933. (Ref. Q 199 N32)
A large collection of critical tables based largely on original research, now considered somewhat dated.

Knovel Critical Tables. 2003.
"This important, interactive Knovel reference contains tables of physical, solvent, and thermodynamic properties. The physical property tables alone include over 13,000 inorganic and organic compounds, and pure substances. The solvent property tables have 385 solvents, and the thermodynamic property tables have 500 compounds."

NIST-JANAF Thermochemical Tables. 2 vols.  1998. (Ref. QD 511 N57 1998)
A compilation of tabular data providing critically evaluated physical and chemical property data with documented original sources.

The Physics Handbook. 1998. (Ref. QC 61 P65 1998)
Subtitled: "Fundamentals and Key Equations." See also A Physicist's Desk Reference (Ref. QC 61 P49 1989).

Physics Quick Reference Guide. 1996. (Ref. QC 61 C65 1996).
Actual data on physical quantities, system of units, symbols, constants, formulary, statistics, and properties of matter are contained in this handbook.

Smithsonian Physical Tables. 9th Rev. ed. 2003.
"Originally published by Smithsonian Institution Press, this classic reference source comprises 901 tables of general interest to scientists and engineers, and of particular interest to those involved with physics in its larger sense. All entries in the index are hyperlinked to their page numbers."

Tables of Physical and Chemical Constants. 1995. (Ref. QC 61 K3 1995)
An extensive compilation of tables of physical and chemical measurements for the scientist. See also Handbook of Physical Calculations (Ref. QC 61 T85),The MacMillan Dictionary of Measurement (Ref. QC 82 D37 1994), and Quantities and Units of Measurement (Ref. QC 39 D73 1983).

Background Sources

Information Sources in Science and Technology. 1998. (Ebsco)
This guide provides introductions to research in all the sciences and physics is comprehensively covered.


Dictionary of Physics. 1999. (Ref. QC 5 C427 1999)
An easy to use dictionary for the student that includes illustrations and cross-references.

Hutchinson Pocket Dictionary of Physics. 2004. (Ebsco)

McGraw Hill Dictionary of Physics. 2003. (Ref. QC 5 M424 2003)
Over 11,000 entries on all aspects of physics are defined in this concise dictionary. It includes synonyms, acronyms, and abbreviations. 

Encyclopedia of Applied Physics. 2004. (Ref. QC5 .E543 2004)
A 25 volume set of comprehensive information on all aspects of applied physics.

The Encyclopedia of Physics. 2005. (Ref. QC 5 E545 2005) & FWB
Contains signed articles which define and explain the important concepts of physics. References are appended at the end of each article which contain reading-level indicators. See also Concise Encyclopedia of Solid State Physics (Ref. QC 176 A3 C66 1983 ).

Encyclopedia of the Spectroscopy and Spectometry. (Ref. QC 450.3 E53 2000)
Lengthy, signed descriptions of the history, theory, methods, and applications of spectroscopy and spectometry. Includes coverage of atomic, electronic, high energy, magnetic, mass, and vibrational spectroscopy and spectrometery.

McGraw-Hill Concise Encyclopedia of Physics 2005. (Ref. QC M4245 2005)
Detailed descriptions of terminology and concepts in physics are provided in this illustrated encyclopedia.

Q is for Quantum. 1998. (Ref. QC 793.2 G747 1998)
An Encyclopedia of Particle Physics. Contains essays on the physical aspects of the microworld. Includes brief biographies, a bibliography, and a Timeline of key developments in quantum physics.


Great Physicists: The Life and Times of Leading Physicists from Galileo to Hawking. (Ref. QC 15 C76 2001)
Chronologically arranged biographies that include information about the lives, contributions and theories of physicists. A timeline, glossary, index, and list of readings are contained in the source.


New Books

Most Physics books are on the third floor in the QC section of the library.