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Office of the Dean of Libraries: Student Return on Investment (SROI)

Information from the Office of the Dean of Libraries at the University of West Florida

Student Return on Investment (SROI)

How can I get my tuition money's worth from the library?

In academic year 2019-2020 (August 2019 to May 2020), a full time student paid about $316 of their tuition to support the UWF Libraries. We have assigned values (see the calculations used in a .pdf document below table) for ten of our most-used services to help you "take advantage" of the University Libraries this academic year:


What You Can Do
During the Academic Year


Value of the Service
for the Academic Year

Study in the library

study in the library for 60 minutes during the academic year

$ 153

Ask a question of the Reference staff

ask one reference question AND use two research guides

$ 65.01

Use a print textbook on reserve

borrow a print textbook 

$ 95.20

Access and download full text scholarly articles

download 12 articles averaging five pages per article

$ 120.00

Use the library’s proxy server to access and download full text articles while at home OR while at work

save two trips to the Pace Library and two gallons of gas

$ 5.20

Borrow books from the circulating collection

borrow two books

$ 29.24

Borrow books from another library

borrow one book rather than buying it

$ 40.42

Borrow a DVD for a course or entertainment

borrow one video

$ 2.00

Borrow a laptop computer

borrow a library laptop once

$ 54.00

Use a library desktop computer to search for information

use a library desktop computer once

$ 5.00


$ 569.07


Would you like to calculate your own return on investment? Use our calculator.