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Electrical Engineering

Types of Sources

Example 1: Scholarly Articles

Questions to help you figure out if an article is scholarly:

  • Where did the article come from? (hint: If it's a journal, the journal's name may appear in one of the corners of the page)
  • Who wrote it? Are they affiliated with a research institution?
  • Are the sources cited?
  • How is the paper organized?

Example 2: Popular Articles

Questions to help you figure out if your article is popular:

  • Where did it come from? If you're not sure if it's a magazine or journal, GOOGLE IT!
  • Who wrote it? If you click on their name, what information are you given?
  • What are the sources used in this article? (It's possible they aren't even listed)

Remember, an article can still be trustworthy if it's popular.  Sources like Forbes, Populat Mechanics, Nuts & Volts, etc. are credible but not scholarly.