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Compendium of Neuropsychological Tests: Administration, Norms, and Commentary.
1998. (Ref. RC 386 .6 N48 S67 1998)
This manual reviews primary neuropsychological tests, divided into 13 broad categories, which are currently in use at the University of Victoria Psychology Laboratory. The following information is provided for each entry: Purpose, source, description, administration, time to complete the test, scoring, comment, and references. Name, subject, and test indexes are included.

Directory of Psychological Tests in the Sport and Exercise Sciences.
2nd edition. 1996. (Ref. GV 706 .4 D57 1996)
This directory outlines 314 psychological scales, questionnaires, and inventories specific to sport and exercise settings. Each summary provides the complete source for obtaining the text of the test, its purpose, and a general description which discusses the test's construction, reliability, validity, norms, and availablility.

Handbook of Psychiatric Measures.
2000. (Ref. RC 473 P78 A46 2000)
Published by the APA, this work provides summaries of selected psychiatric measures to inform clinicians and policy-makers about the selection, use, and interpretation of assessment tools, including general measures, as well as those related to the DSM-IV diagnositc categories.

Handbook of Tests and Measurement in Education and the Social Sciences.
2nd edition. 2000. (Ref. LB 3051 L4543 2000)
This anthology contains bibliographic references for and summaries of over 120 instruments, arranged under 36 topic headings, but does not include instruments that focus exclusively on personality or psychology. The book also includes the actual instrument or samples from it. Author and title indexes are included.

Code of Fair Testing Practices in Education (APA)

Tests in Microfiche. 1975- (2nd Floor MF Room)
This microfiche collection contains unpublished tests in psychology and education. Consult the annotated index for access to the collection by subject, author, and title., Inc. 
Quizzes, creativity tests, simulations of college admission, and professional certification tests are provided at this site.

* Note that published tests are generally available exclusively to licensed practitioners. They can be ordered from test publishers, such as those listed in Mental Measurements Yearbook and Tests. Samples of tests, however, are often included in the appendix of books and journal articles.




Graduate School

Barron's GRE: How to Prepare for the Graduate Record Examination, General Test. 2000. (Reserve Room LB 2367 .4 B76)

Barron's How to Prepare for the Graduate Record Examination, Psychology. 2001. (Reserve Room BF 78 P34)

Best Test Preparation for the GMAT: Graduate Management Admission Test. 1993. (FWB HF 1118 B433 1993)

Best Test Preparation for the GRE, Graduate Record Examination, in Chemistry. 1993. (QD 42 B47 1993)

GRE Biology. 2002. (Reserve QH 316 L49)

Cracking the GMAT. 2005. (Reserve HF 1118 .C732 2005)

Cracking the GRE Literature in English Subject Test. 1997. (Reserve PR 87 M17 1997)

Everything You Need to Score High on the LSAT. 2000. (KF 285 Z9 M37)

GMAT CAT SuperCourse. 1998. (Reserve HF 1118 M34 1998)

GRE Online 

GRE, Practicing to Take the Engineering Test: The Official Guide. 1994. (Stx. TA 159 G65 1994)

MCAT: Practice Tests. 2004. (Reserve RS 838.5 M335)

New Rudman's Questions and Answers on the DAT (Dental Admissions Test).1995. (Reserve RK 76 N48)


Undergraduate School


ACT Assessment Success.
2001. (Reserve LB 2353.48 A295 2001)

How to Prepare for the TOEFL Test: Test of English as a Foreign Language.
2004. (Reserve PE 1128 S5 2004)

The Official SAT Study Guide: for the new SAT.
2004. (Reserve LB 2353.57 A156)

Teacher Certification (Florida)


Art K-12: Study Guide for the Florida Teacher Certification Examination.
(Reserve LB 1772 F52 M48 2003 and Curriculum AR.TPE FDE Gr.K-12 2003)
Additional subjects and grade levels are also available in the Main Library and the Curriculum Library.

Competencies and Skills Required for Teacher Certification in Florida.
1990. (FL Docs. Edu.a 8:c 55/990)

Florida Department of Education: Educator Certification 



Mental Measurements Yearbook.
1935- (Ref. LB 3051 M4655 & FWB & Online from 1988)

This work represents the most comprehensive source of critical reviews of standard, published tests in achievement, development, education, art, math, neuropsychology, personality, reading, vocations, and social studies. A critical evaluation and description of the test, in addition to information on the test's purpose, audience, publisher, reliability, and validity are provided for each entry. Indexes by test title, subject, score, name, and acronym allow access to the yearbooks. A publisher's directory and a list of reviewers are also contained in the appendix section. The Mental Measurements Yearbook is published irregularly and each new edition supplements rather than supersedes earlier volumes.

Test Critiques.
1984- (Ref. LB 3051 T427 & FWB)

This work "provides in-depth descriptions and evaluations of widely used psychological, educational, and business tests." Guidelines regarding the application and technical aspects of each test are outlined. A bibliography accompanies each entry.


Internet Sites 
Open Educational Resources