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Native American Studies

What are Primary Sources?

Primary sources are materials created at the time of the topic you are researching, or by an eyewitness to the topic. Primary sources enable the researcher to get as close as possible to what actually happened during an historical event or time period. They are not commentary about your topic, but are the topic you are commenting about. 

Watch this brief video for help differentiating between primary and secondary sources:

Library Databases

Internet Sites

Print Sources

The following are a select group of titles available in print.  Additional titles can be identified by searching the library catalog.

Documents of American Indian Diplomacy: Treaties, Agreements, and Conventions, 1775-1979. 2 vols. 1999. (Ref KF 8202 1999)
Provides a sketch of the diplomatic history of American Indians from June 1775 to the present. Designed as a supplement to Kappler's Indian Affairs, it provides the full text of various treaties and agreements.

Guide to American Indian Documents in the Congressional Serial Set. 1817-1899. 1977. (Ref KF 8201 A1 J63)
Chronological guide designed to help locate potential sources of data in the Congressional Serial Set. The documents deal primarily with Indian relations with the united States Government.

Nations Within a Nation: Historical Statistics of American Indians. 1987. (Ref E77 S924 1987)

Native North American Voices. 1994. (Ref E 77 N374 1994 v.6)
Presents full or excerpted speeches sermons, orations, poems, testimony, and other notable spoken works of Native Americans.