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SAA Format

The Society for American Archaeology uses the following style guide for citing sources.  

The following examples of the most common types of citations are taken directly from the online SAA Style Guide.  See pages 31-41 for a complete list of examples and further explanation. 

Alphabetize the References Cited section by the last names of authors, and use complete first names and middle initials for authors and editors as they appear on the title page of the work.  Arrange the parts of each reference in the general order: author(s), date, title, publisher, location of publisher. 

Single Author

 Elster, Jon
     1989 Nuts and Bolts for the Social Sciences. Cambridge University Press, New York.

 Morales Padrón, Fransisco
     1971 Historia del descubrimiento y conquista de América. 2nd ed. Editora Nacional,

Multiple Authors

 Hampton, David R., Charles E. Summer, and Ross A. Weber
     1978 Organizational Behavior and the Practice of Management. 3rd ed. Scott, Foresman,
          Glenview, Illinois. 

Edited Book

 Dibble, Charles E. (editor)
     1980 [sixteenth century] Codice Xolotl. Universidad Autónoma de México, México, D.F.

 McHugh, William P. (editor)
     1977 The Teaching of Archaeology. Southern Illinois University Press, Carbondale.

Translated Book

 Bonavia, Duccio
     1985 Mural Painting in Ancient Peru. Translated by P. J. Lyon. Indiana University Press,

Journal Article

 Ashmore, Wendy
     1991 Site-Planning Principles and Concepts of Directionality among the Ancient Maya.
         Latin American Antiquity 2:199–226.

 Seifert, Donna J.
     1991 Within Sight of the White House: The Archaeology of Working Women. Historical

Note: If each issue of a journal begins with page 1, the issue number must be included, in parentheses, following the volume number.

Article in an
Edited Book or Monograph

 Manzanilla, Linda
     1999 The Emergence of Complex Urban Societies in Central Mexico: The case of
         Teotihuacan. In Archaeology in Latin America, edited by Gustavo G. Politis and
         Benjamin Alberti, pp. 93–129. Routledge, London.

or Thesis

 Fritz, Gayle J.
     1986 Prehistoric Ozark Agriculture: The University of Arkansas Rockshelter Collections.
         Unpublished Ph.D. dissertation, Department of Anthropology, University of North
         Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Web Pages and
Electronic Documents

 Glascock, Michael D.
     2001 Archaeometry Laboratory at MURR. Electronic document,, accessed April 12, 2002.

 Northwest Research Obsidian Studies Laboratory
     2001 XRF Information. Electronic document,, accessed
         April 12, 2002.