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Researching and finding resources on art.

Instructor Guide to using ArtStor

1. Access ArtStor from the libraries' list of databases:



Register and Request Instructor Privileges in ArtStor

Register: In order to use all the features of ArtStor, you need to register. Contact me ( at x2412) for instructor level privileges.


Finding Images

Find images by using the Find tab on the main ArtStor page. Simple searches for an image, or more advanced searches by title, creator, location, period, material, etc. are also available. Existing ArtStor collections may be browsed by collection (e.g., Baltimore Museum of Art, Tom Muir, Tenniel Civil War Cartoon Collection) or survey area (under Teaching Resources).  

Images may be selected and added to image groups. Image groups can be organized into folders. To create a folder, click on the Share tab:

Folders may be private (viewed only by the creator) or available to others. Also, if you would like to allow others to edit the folder, establish a password to share with co-editors.


Adding Images to Image Groups

Images and collections of images may be added folders by creating image groups. In this example, several images from the Etruscan Art Collection are selected by clicking on the images. Right clicking on a selected image will bring up a menu that permits you to save the selected images to a new or existing image group. If we click on a new image group, a screen will appear showing existing folders and an area to name an image group:

The selected images will appear as a named image group under the folder you have highlighted:

View the image group by double clicking on its title. If you are able to see the folder and image group, your students will be able to view them as well.

Uploading Images from Other Sources

Use the Upload tab to import images from your desktop, thumb drive, or other access point: