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Ancient and Medieval History

"I majored in History. Now what?"

Job Postings

Finding that first job can be a challenge regardless of the field. Here are some sites and resources that might help:


Continuing Education

Tanks to the convenience of online education, you can always sign up for a course to update your skills and knowledge.  You may even want to do this by using the open courseware available from many prestigious colleges and universities that provide their resources free of charge. Although it may not add to your credentials, it is a great way to absorb current educational offerings. Check the Open Education Resources tab for names and links.

Available Resources

Many of the databases you rely on for scholarly information are proprietary (UWF has to pay for them based on the number of students that use them). Once you graduate, you are always welcome to come back and use our library's resources. Just remember that when you are no longer a student, remote access to our databases will not be an option.

Fortunately many businesses and firms have their own libraries and there is always the local public library. Even if these libraries do not have all you need, they often offer interlibrary loan services.

Don't forget to use the open access resources listed on the Open Education Resources tab. These will remain accessible to you.