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Online Learners Library Guide: Online Writing Lab

Information for students who take classes online

What is the Online Writing Lab?

The University's Writing Lab offers an online writing lab, "a service that allows UWF students to submit their papers online via Canvas and retrieve the feedback at a later time. An OWL staff member reads each electronic submission, makes comments and suggestions using Microsoft Word, and then uploads the feedback copy to the student."

The service helps students locate errors in grammar, spelling, word usage, punctuation, capitalization, and sentence structure. 

Taken from the Online Writing Lab webapge.

How do I sign up for the online Writing Lab?

Step 1

Log into MyUWF and search for the "eLearning" app.  Click the "eLearning" app to access eLearning.

Step 2

Once logged into eLearning, locate the Student eLearning Communities and click on the link "Student eLearning Communities."

Step 3

Click on "Online Writing Lab."

Step 4

After the 8 AM central time system synchronization, you will see the Online Writing Lab listed under My Courses on your eLearning homepage.  

Directions taken from ITS website.