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Online Learners Library Guide: Other Resources

Information for students who take classes online

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Why can't I get into the databases? Make sure you are logged on from the library homepage. Use your Argonet username and password.
Why isn't my account working? Contact the Circulation Department (850-474-2414)
If I can't see full text articles in the database, am I out of luck? Most databases have a Find It or Full Text (OneSearch) link that will attempt to find the full text version of the article in another database
How can I tell if UWF has a book or a journal? Check the online catalog by title for a book or journal
What do databases do? They allow you to search for journal articles and other resources by subject or keyword
Is there a list of online journals? Yes, there is an e-journal list. Many are also listed in the online catalog.
Is there a list of online books? Search for online books in the online catalog by limiting to an online format or use the facets on the side of the screen to narrow to online resources
How can I find articles on my topic? Use a database. The are listed on the home page under online databases and also listed in the subject research guides. The Articles tab on the front page leads you to databases as well.
I am getting frustrated, can I get some help? Yes, contact the reference staff on Chat or email, call us (850-474-2424), or contact a subject specialist

The Find It link takes me to a database but I  don't see my article; what do I do?

Sometimes, the link doesn't work as well as it should. If you are linked to another database, but not directly to the article, search the database by table of contents or by subject and author.
IF FINDIT doesn't list a full text option, what do I do? You may request the article from interlibrary loan. Be sure to identify yourself as a distance learner.
Can I use Google Scholar to find articles? Yes, many articles are listed there and you may even be linked back to a UWF database to see the full text. If you are blocked or asked for a fee, make sure you log in and check the  e-journal list to see if we have an online subscription. It is a good idea to use our online databases to search and not limit yourself to Google.

If I used General OneFile, do I need to use any other databases?

General Onefile, like many general databases, will include something on almost any topic. But the most comprehensive coverage of a subject is in a specific database such as Psycinfo for Psychology or ERIC for Education.
There is no book on my topic, what do I do? Make sure you are using a broad enough term and use synonyms to make sure you are not missing relevant sources