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Health Sciences

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Background Sources

Introduction to Reference Sources in the Health Sciences. 2004. (Ref. R 118.6 I568 2004)
A descriptive guide to key works recommended for a health science reference collection

Guidebook to human service professions (Ref. HV 10.5 I4 2009)
Information about health care professions for students interested in helping people.

AHA guide to the health care field. Annual. (Ref. RA977 .A627)
An annual directory of hospitals and health care facilities.


Black's Medical Dictionary.2002. (Ref. R 121 B598 2002) & FWB .
This standard dictionary defines over 5,000 medical terms and includes useful appendices.

The Cancer Dictionary.2000. (Ref. RC 262 A39 2000)
An A-Z Guide to More Than 2,500 Terms That Include: Cancer Symptoms, Surgical Procedures, Anticancer Drugs, Side Effects, Risk Factors, Diagnostic Tests, Prevention and More.

Dictionary of Syndromes and Inherited Disorders. 2000. (Ref. RC 69 G55 2000)
Describes 100 syndromes and disorders. Emphasis is placed on the lesser known syndromes. For information on over 3,000 syndromes consult Dictionary of Medical Syndromes (Ref. RC 69 M33 1990).

Mosbys Medical, Nursing & Allied Health Dictionary. 2001. (Ref. Desk R 121 M89 )
Provides medium-length definitions of medical and health terms and includes color illustrations and an "Atlas of Human Anatomy." See also: Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary (Ref. R 121 D73 2000), Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing, and Allied Health (Ref. R 121 M65 1987), and Stedman's Medical Dictionary (Ref. R 121 S8 1990).

Sloane's Medical Word Book. 2002. (Ref. R 123 S57 2002)

Health care directives (Ref. R726.2.J37 2007)
Legal guidance on health related issues.

Health care terms (Ref. RA 423 S545 2001)
Defines terms used in health care administration, public health & epidemiology, government regulation, ethics & patient empowerment, finance & reimbursement, medical staff organization, clinical medicine & nursing, science, research & technology, law & legislation, and healthy communities movement.


Encyclopedia of Drugs, Alcohol and Addictive Behavior. 2001. (Ref. HV 5804 E53)
A compendium of information on the effects of addictions including a complete survey of drug alcohol addiction. Includes the latest information on brain imaging.

Encyclopedia of Stress. 3 vols. 2000. (Ref. BF 575 S75 E52 2000)
Contains almost 400 articles on all aspects of stress experienced by humans and animals.

The Gale Encyclopedia of Cancer. 2 vols. 2002. (Ref. RC 254.5 G353 2002)

The Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine. 5 vols. 2006.
This multi-volume work contains almost 1,500 full-length articles on medical disorders, conditions, tests, and treatments.

The Oxford Companion to the Body. 2001. (Ref. QM 7 O96)
Over 350 experts contributed essays on over 1,000 topics for this encyclopedia on all aspects of the human body. Includes appended color plates of the male and female anatomy.


American Medical Association Manual of Style. 2007. (Ref. R 119 A533 2007)
Prepared by the American Medical Association as a guide for preparing manuscripts for JAMA, and their other specialized journals. A useful source in the preparation of medical literature.


Current Medical Diagnosis. 2011. (Ref. RC 71 A14 40th ed. 2011)
A manual for diagnosing medical problems with emphasis on internal medicine and patient management.

Ferri's Clinical Advisor. 2001. (Ref. RC 55 F375 2001).
Subtitled: "Instant Diagnosis and treatment." A guide to 605 medical disorders for the primary care physician.

Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy. 1999. (Ref. Desk RC 55 M4 1999) & FWB
An up-to-date guide to clinical medical  information for the professional as well as the layman. An online version of the Merck Manual Home Edition ( is also available. See also Mayo Clinic Family Health Book (Ref. RC 81 M473 1996).

Physician's Desk Reference (PDR). Annual. (Ref. Desk RS 75 P5) & FWB
A handbook describing over 2,000 prescription drug products and their proper dosages. Designed for use by physicians. Extensively indexed by brand name, company, generic name, chemical name, drug classification, and other terms. Supplements included as "pocket parts."  Multiple cross-indexes to the contents of the PDR are provided by the Physicians' Desk Reference Companion Guide (Ref. Desk RS 75 P37 58th 2004). See also the additional specialty volumes entitled PDR for Herbal Medicines (Ref. Desk RM 666 H33 P37), PDR for Non-Prescription Drugs (Ref. Desk RM 671 A1 P49), and PDR Generics (Ref. RS 55.2 P47 4th ed. 1998).

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Sourcebook. 2001. (Ref. RC 200.2 S387 2001)
Subtitled: "Basic Consumer Health Information About Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Including Information on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis, Herpes, HIV, Monucleosis, Syphilis, and Others... ."

Toxic Plants of North America. 2001. (Ref. QK 100 N6 B87 2001)
A comprehensive survey of plants toxic to humans and animals. Includes information about each plants toxicity, as well as clinical signs and treatment.

USP DI. Drug Information for the Health Care Provider. 2 vols. Annual. (Ref. RM 300 U83) USP (U.S. Pharmacopeia)
A comprehensive collection of information about drugs with a current analysis of the use of each drug by physicians. Updated bimonthly by USP (United States Pharmacopeia) DI Update (Ref. RM 300 U833). See also Approved Drug Products with Therapeutic Equivalence (Gov. Docs. MICRO HE 20.4715).