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Constitutional Law

Florida Statutes (UWF Library Law Collection KFF 30 A1 F55).
The Florida Constitution is printed in the index volume of the Florida Statutes. The latest edition of the statutes is in the Reference Collection and older editions are in the Main Library book stacks. (For more information about the Statutes, see Florida Legislation section below.)
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United States Statutes at Large. 1789/1873- (UWF Library Law Collection KF 50 U5)
Once a law has been passed by Congress and signed by the President (or passed over his veto) it is disseminated to the public.

The first printed form of the legislation is published in a pamphlet called a 'Slip Law.' Slip laws are eventually cumulated chronologically by session and published in volumes entitled United States Statutes at Large.

Each volume of this official statutory text contains a subject and an individual index. Earlier years are on available on microfiche. Sample citation: 94 Stat. 3124.

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United States Code:  Containing the General and Permanent Laws of the United States. 2000. (UWF Library Law Collection KF 62 2000 A2)
The U.S. Code provides access to current laws by arranging them into 50 broad subject areas called titles. This work is published every six years and is updated annually with supplements. Sample citation: 1 U.S.C. Sec. 908.

The United States Code Annotated (UWF Library Law Collection KF 62 1927 W45) presents all the current laws in title number order but it also provides annotations of the court decisions which have interpreted each section of the code. Sample citation: 42 U.S.C.A.  Sec. 158.

It is supplemented by U.S. Code Congressional and Administrative News (UWF Library Law Collection KF 48 U5).

Online Versions:

Legislative Histories: CIS Legislative Histories. 1984-1997. UWF Library Law Collection Z1223 Z7 C66)
A chronological list of actions and documents that follow a bill's progress.

Congressional Record. 1789-1838 (MF 24A), 1873-1976 (MF 26), 1977-1988 (U.S. Doc. Microform X:), 1989-1997 (U.S. Doc. Microform X 1.1:) 1998-  (U.S. Doc. Microform X 1.1/A:)
A register of the proceedings and debates of Congress with daily updates.

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Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) . 1938- . Annual. (UWF Library Law Collection KF 70 A3)
Each year all the permanent regulations are codified (arranged by subject) and published in the Code of Federal Regulations.
Sample Citation: 24 C.F. R. 202.13.

Online Versions

The Federal Register is a daily publication which contains proposed, interim, and final rules and regulations. A monthly index cumulates quarterly and annually. Sample Citation:  14 Fed. Reg. 16,190.

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Code of the City of Pensacola.  (Ref. KFX 2116 P7 A35)
Contains all the currently effective ordinances enacted by the Mayor and the City Council of the City of Pensacola. The code is updated annually by supplements. Codes for counties and cities can be seen in Municode.  Click on "Online Codes," under the heading of "Free Resources," then click on the map.

Code of Ordinances, Escambia County Florida (Ref. KF 432 A3 E84)
Contains the ordinances of Escambia County.