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Earth & Environmental Sciences

Books in the Catalog

The catalog provides access to books, documents, reports, and other materials. Although journal titles are listed in the catalog, it is not an index to articles within the journals and, more importantly, the catalog does not list all the online journals (see ejournals list for those).

For information on how to locate books, use the Locating Books guide

If you live over 50 miles from the UWF campus, you may request that books be delivered to you by mail.

Many books are available online. Links to these books are in the catalog but you may also search the online book collections directly: 

Print Reference Sources


Encyclopedia of Earth Science (Ref. QE 5 K85 2005)
Environmental Issues: Essential Primary Sources (Ref. GE 105 .E5825 2006)


Dictionary of Environment and Conservation. 2007.(Ref. GE 10 P375 2007)


Forest Conservation Policy (Ref. SD 412 S26 2004)
Oxford Companion to Global Change (Ref. GE 149 C84 2009)

Local Resources

  • Partnership for Environmental Research and Community Health. 2007. Ref. TD 174 P277 2007. 4 Vols. An "assessment of environmental plllution and community health in Northwest Florida" edited by Dr. Ranga Rao, University of West Florida and his research team. The effort was funded by the EPA, CDC, and UWF. 
  • Florida Environments Online
    This resources is one of the digital libraries created by PALMM (Publication of Archival, Library, and Museum Materials). Reports from the Florida Geological Society and the Florida Department of Agriculture, in addition to selected texts are digitized and archived for public access.
  • PERCH Bibliography
    The PERCH (Partnership for Environmental Research and Community Health) is a collaborative database created and updated by the UWF Center for Environmental Diagnostics & Bioremediation and the Florida Department of Health/Escambia & Santa Rosa County Health Departments. PERCH is a searchable database of bibliographical materials pertaining to the environment of Northwest Florida. The oldest historical citations go back to the 18th century.
  • EPA Publications (Gov. Doc. EP 1.21/7)
    A supplement to the E.P.A. Publications Bibliography, 1977-1983 (Gov. Doc. EP 1.21/7-2:977-83/) which indexes technical reports and journal articles. Latest year(s) are published in microfiche
  • Gulf Coast Ecological Inventory Maps (Basement Map Room), and the accompanying guide entitled Gulf Coast Ecological Inventory User's Guide and Information Base (Gov. Doc. I 49.6/5:EC 7/GULF)